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How Much Does YouTube Pay For 200K Views?

How much can you earn from 200K views on YouTube? Discover the real earnings inside.
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How Much Does YouTube Pay For 200K Views
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If you have a favorite creator or are one yourself, you can’t help but wonder: How much money does YouTube pay for 200k views? Or millions of views? You’ve heard of Mr. Beast and how he gets 100M+ views on each video he makes.

It’s impressive and piques the interest of all creators.

And we’re going to walk you through how much four creators with 200K views make on their channels.

You can, with the right strategy, hit the 200,000-view mark on your video and create your own channel that is making thousands of dollars a month. But we all need to start somewhere, and 200k views is a good milestone to try and reach.

4 Creators Answer: How Much Money Does YouTube Pay For 200K Views?

Once you get monetized, it’s really like a dream come true. Creators want to be paid for their hard work and effort, and it’s natural to want to know how much you’ll make with 10k, 50k, 200k or even 1 billion views.

We’re going to give you an inside look at what a few creators make from their channels.

Over time, if these creators continue to reinvest their money and focus on their audience, we’re confident that they’ll make a great career in the process.

The first channel on our list is likely making fantastic money with their channel already and is earning from multiple income streams.

1. AutoVlog

The AutoVlog channel covers everything about cars. He owns a beautiful Ferrari, which is enough of a reason to watch his channel. He also has a lot of videos on the money he earns from his channel(s), which has 134m lifetime views.

He does sell merchandise, but we won’t be covering those earnings today.

We want to stick just to the revenue from advertisements.

He shares the earnings of two videos that have 200k views:

  • The Best Sounding AMG Ever video had 206K views and earned $788.
  • Another video received 216K views and made just $39.47

You will notice that these videos were posted in 2021 when ad revenue was low, so there’s a good chance he would earn a lot more from the views today than three years ago. He does have 893 videos on his channel and covers everything about:

  • Luxury vehicles
  • Auto reviews
  • Etc.

He even filled up one of his vehicles with vodka instead of gas to see what would happen. DO NOT try this.

2. Chinyere Abang

Chinyere had a video hit 200k views in two weeks, and she shares her earnings with us. What was the video about? “I Married an ONLY CHILD!” And if you married an only child, you’ll probably be wondering if you had the same experience that she did.

You might even watch her video.

The video has 218k views and earned her $121. You may be wondering why she earned so much less than the AutoVlog channel did, and the answer is that it’s her audience. A lot of her audience is located in lower-paying countries:

  • Kenya
  • Nigeria
  • South Africa
  • Rwanda

She has a lot of African viewers, and since ad spend is lower in these countries, she earned less than she would from other countries. A lot of people dropped off from the video quickly, which she states is odd for her audience.

3. Tech Informant

Tech Informant is up next on our list, and like most creators, he wants you to watch his video for as long as possible, so you won’t get into many of the revenue figures until you’re 3 minutes into the watching.

But he does share quite a bit of information:

  • 95k views earned him $225; 200k would be $473
  • 215k views earned him $1,563

What a drastic difference in earnings. His one video made 300% more than the other one, which goes to show you that niche plays a significant role in your earnings and how much advertisers are willing to pay to put ads on your channel.

The content on the channel focuses primarily on:

  • AdSense (setting it up, deleting an account, etc.)
  • Business name registration

Tech Informant does have a recent video on how he lost 380k subscribers overnight. He also had issues in the past with invalid traffic, which are all red flags for content creators.

4. Jack Duffley

I’ve never watched any of Jack’s content before, but he did share his YouTube analytics from 2022. He seems very friendly, and during the year 2022, he had 191K views and earned $846.29.

What Jack does state is:

  • Many of his views came from experimenting with Shorts
  • He posted weekly throughout the year

He slowed his long-term content in favor of Shorts.

Jack’s niche is personal finance, real estate and more. He has 665 videos, and in these niches, you would assume that he makes a lot more money than he does.


Our extensive guide on how much does YouTube pay found the following to be true:

  • Finance is a niche that can earn $21 per 1k views
  • Business is a niche that can pay $8.07 per 1k views

If he had 200k views in finance at this RPM, he would earn $4,200, which is a lot of money compared to what he’s making.

But he is leveraging his channel in other ways to network and reach his goal of having a net worth of one million dollars.

How to Leverage 200K Views to Earn More Money on YouTube

If you have 200k views, you can make a lot more off of YouTube than on it. Many creators use the platform to sell other products or sources. For example:

  • Recommend affiliate products and earn commission on sales
  • Sell courses and earn a ton of money
  • Sell merchandise
  • Offer consulting or services

YouTube creators agree that if you have a channel and a decent following, you should have multiple income streams. Relying on just AdSense is putting “all of your eggs in one basket.”

Adding multiple income streams will help you make more consistent income and also safeguard you against ad revenue that fluctuates often.

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