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How Much Money Does Instagram Pay For 1,000 Views?

How much can you earn from 1,000 views on Instagram? Find out how to monetize your views.
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How Much Does Instagram Pay For 1,000 Views
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Instagram influencers do make a lot of money, but you may be shocked to learn that payment doesn’t come directly from Instagram. Your views matter, but the platform works more on a follower basis than views.

If you’re someone like The Rock, you can command a king’s ransom for your post.

But if you have just 1,000 views, then you may be left disappointed. You won’t earn money by RPM like you do on YouTube, but you can still earn money.

How Much Does Instagram Pay For 1,000 Views?

Unfortunately, nothing. Instagram doesn’t pay creators like YouTube, but you can start making money when you reach 10,000 followers.


Instagram unlocks some great features when you hit this follower milestone, including the opportunity to get paid for:

  • Subscribers
  • Live badges

But none of these things correlate to the number of views you receive. If you receive tens of thousands or millions of views, then you can land some very lucrative collaboration deals that can easily net you $50,000 or more.

One interior designer named Aimee Song has such a huge following that she can command collaborations of $50,000 or higher.

Can I Make Money on Instagram with Just 1,000 Views?

Yes and no. You can monetize anything you like, but you’re not going to be paid directly by Instagram. Instead, you’ll need to carve out your own money-making opportunities, which is certainly possible using the strategies that we’re going to share with you below.

How Can You Make Money on Instagram?

If you have 1,000 views or a zillion, you can begin using the following money-making ideas below to earn money on Instagram. Even small accounts are being paid using the following tips:👇

1. Sponsored Posts

Sponsored Posts

Sponsored posts are where major influencers (view all of the types) are earning serious money on the platform. You’ll be paid by followers and engagement. Finding these opportunities is challenging when you’re at just 1,000 views.

But when you’re ready to offer sponsored posts, you can:

  • Reach out to potential sponsors directly
  • Sign up for Shoutcart or Shoutify
  • Sell posts

Of course, you can always email or DM potential sponsors and see if they are interested in buying a sponsored post from you.

A general rule of thumb is that if you have less than 10k followers, you’ll earn $10 – $100 per post. Not bad. But if your posts are under 1,000 views and you have 10k – 50k followers, you can charge up to $500 per post.

Selling sponsored posts will rely on you having a strong following and a voice in the industry that people listen to online.

2. Affiliate Marketing

Add Affiliate Link to Your Bio

You can add an affiliate link to your bio or promote a product or service and make money. Instagram offers its own affiliate option that works like this:

  • Recommend a product
  • Someone buys it
  • You’re paid 30 – 90 days after the sale

Unfortunately, the program is not available to everyone yet. You’ll need to wait to gain access to the Instagram Affiliates program. But you can still follow traditional affiliate marketing to make sales.

The concept is easy:

  • Sign up to be an affiliate
  • Promote the product to your followers
  • Follower buys the product using your link
  • You earn a commission on the sale

You can find affiliate programs for 80% of brands and can sign up for networks, such as, Shareasale, Awin or even Amazon affiliates. Place the link to the offer in your profile and direct your followers or people seeing your content to click the link.

If you want to supercharge this idea, create a discount code with the brand and then promote the code in your Story.

Create content around the affiliate offer to push sales. You can always demo or review the product to entice followers to buy it.

3. Selling Your Own Products

Where’s the real money? Creating your own products. You know your audience better than we do, but the idea is simple: create a product or service, promote it to your audience and profit. Instagrammers are creating:

  • Digital courses
  • Training programs
  • Membership sites

If you don’t want to sell your own products, consider selling merch. A lot of companies will allow you to sell their products, such as t-shirts, and then fulfill the order for your buyers.

4. Brand Ambassadorships

Brand ambassador programs give influencers the opportunity to promote and represent a brand.

Some programs pay hourly or a set salary, while others will actually pay based on the promotion’s performance in terms of sales. Some influencers will earn commissions or even non-monetary benefits in exchange for their promotion.

Sometimes, ambassador opportunities work like sponsored posts. The brand pays a set amount of money per post or for a set number of posts.

Commission-based payouts can be a great way to generate income over the long-term if you’re confident that you can persuade your followers to buy.

Ambassadorships can sometimes be lucrative, but it’s important to review the fine details before you sign anything.

5. Live Badges

Instagram may not pay content creators directly, but they do offer some monetization tools, like Live Badges. If you go live often, you can easily monetize this type of content – even if you only get 1,000 views.

Live Badges reward you for going live by allowing viewers to purchase badges. Viewers can buy badges in increments of $0.99, $1.99 and $4.99 up to $250 total per person, per live video.

Imagine if your Live video got 1,000 views and 50% of people bought a badge for $1. That’s $500 just from a single Live video.

But not everyone can use Live Badges.

In order to start using this monetization feature, you have to meet the following requirements:

  • Have 10K followers
  • Be 18+
  • Comply with Instagram’s Monetization Policies and Community Guidelines

In some parts of the world, badges are only available by invitation.

To Enable Badges:

  • Go to your Profile and tap Professional dashboard.
  • If you’re eligible for this feature, you’ll see the option to Set Up Badges.

6. Drive Traffic to Your Own Site or a YouTube Channel

Another great way to make money through Instagram is by driving traffic to your own site or a YouTube channel.

Once you have a big following on Instagram, you can redirect your followers to sites and channels that will generate even more money.

For example, you can drive traffic to:

  • An ecommerce store where you sell merchandise.
  • A blog where you sell your own products and make money from ads.
  • Your YouTube channel, where you earn money from ads, sponsorships and merch sales.
  • Sites like Substack, where people can sign up for a monthly subscription to read your newsletter.

There are so many ways to leverage Instagram to drive traffic to other revenue-generating channels. Having the option to add a link to your bio is the key to success.

Does Instagram Pay You Directly?

Technically, Instagram doesn’t pay creators directly for views. But they do pay through other monetization tools, like:

  • Badges that allow you to make money when you go live.
  • Subscriptions, which allow you to create exclusive content in exchange for charging a monthly fee to subscribers.
  • Gifts, which allows followers to send you virtual gifts on your Reels, and you will be paid for each gift given.
  • Bonuses are a way to get paid directly from Instagram, but your earnings will not be based on views.
  • Branded content, which allows you to partner with brands to earn money for sponsored posts.

How Can You Increase Your Instagram Views?

You see that there are numerous ways to earn money on Instagram. And while you can earn money on even a handful of views, you should try to get as many views as you can because it ultimately means more money.

A few of the many ways to get more views on Instagram are:

  • Buy Views: An instant view boost is possible, and if you’re careful and buy real views, it will help you make money and can even help your videos hit the Explore page.
  • Add Story Stickers: Instagram promotes your Stories right at the top of the app and right in front of your target audience. Add stickers to your Story to divert viewers to your Reels and other posts.
  • Host Giveaways: If you have the budget or connections, you can host giveaways. Your followers will appreciate the opportunity to receive something free, and you’ll generate a ton of views in the process.
  • Start Adding User-Generated Content: UGC is a nice addition to your content calendar and will empower content creators to share and recommend your posts. The end result? More views.
  • Add in Trending Audio: Your posts can get an immediate boost with trending audio. Simply add some of the trending songs to your posts and people will find them in the trending audio section of Instagram.
  • Consider Boosting Your Posts: If you have the budget for it, you can boost your posts using a paid option that is available to Creators and Professionals.

If you continue to create great content and post consistently, you’ll get a lot of views using these tips.

Frequently Asked Question

Does Instagram Pay by RPM?

Instagram doesn’t pay by RPM because the platform only pays through a few monetization programs and not much is known about how their payouts work.

Can You Become an Instagram Affiliate?

No. Instagram discontinued its affiliate program in 2022, so you can no longer become an affiliate. However, you can earn money through traditional affiliate marketing. Just share your affiliate links on Instagram, and purchases made through your affiliate link will generate commissions.


You can also make money through affiliate marketing, brand deals and other avenues. The key is to develop an engaged audience. The more engaged your followers are, the more influence you will have over their purchasing decisions. The more sway you have with your followers, the more valuable you will be in the eyes of brands. Use our guide to start earning more money through your content on Instagram.

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