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How Much Does YouTube Pay For 50K Views?

Curious about how much you can earn with 50K views on YouTube? We look at how much REAL YouTubers are making in 2024.
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How Much Does YouTube Pay For 50K Views
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We all know that mega-influencers on YouTube – those with 10 million views or 100K subscribers – make thousands of dollars (sometimes more) from a single video.

But what about YouTubers who get 50K views?

Hitting 50K views is still a mega achievement, but will you earn as much as someone with a huge channel and following? The answer may surprise you. Let’s look at how much real YouTubers are making with 50K views and then see why some of these channels may make more than someone with more views.

How Much Does YouTube Pay for 50K Views?

No two creators make the same amount of money for the same number of views. One YouTuber may make two or three times more than another YouTuber even though they both have 50K views.


Because YouTube pays based on your channel’s RPM, and your RPM can fluctuate depending on:

With so many variables at play, it’s not easy to estimate how much YouTube pays for 50K views. But we can give you a ballpark range based on YouTube’s overall average RPM: $5-$7.

With an RPM in this range, you can expect 50K views to earn you:

  • $250-$350

Keep in mind that some YouTubers will earn more or less than this range. To get a better idea of how much you can earn with this many views, let’s look at what real YouTubers have earned.

How Much Are Real YouTubers with 50K Views Making?

These YouTubers were kind enough to share their earnings for videos that got 50K views.

1. TommyBryson

Four years ago, TommyBryson’s channel had just 5,646 subscribers. At that time, he shared how much YouTube paid him for a video that got 51K views back in 2019.

How much did he earn?

  • $1,511.05

That’s quite a bit of money for just 51K views. Tommy’s RPM was significantly higher than average – about $29.63.

Why was his RPM so high? Because he makes videos about finance one of the highest-paying niches on YouTube.

Tommy’s earnings are a great example of how you can make a lot of money on YouTube without needing millions of views. You just need the right content and to have an audience in the right location.

He shares that most of his viewers are in the United States.

Along with the impressive earnings from this video, Tommy also gained:

  • 739 subscribers
  • 265K+ minutes in watch time

Today, Tommy Bryson has 568K subscribers. He’s still primarily focused on finance-related content and posts new videos several times a week.

His most popular video was published two years ago and got 1.8 million views.

2. Tatenda Henany

Tatenda Henany is a YouTuber who creates content for creators and entrepreneurs. Most of her videos are tutorial-based. She shares her tips on how to use different apps, video equipment, software, and more.

But she also has some beauty-related tutorials mixed in.

Tatenda shared her earnings for a video that got around 66K views, so it’s slightly higher than the 50K we’re discussing here.

But for this video, which was all about how to do a curly end box braid, she earned:

  • $182.30

Her RPM for this video was on the low end at $2.76.

Tatenda compared earnings for several of her videos, and this one – the one with 66K views – had almost the same earnings as a video with just 7K views. For that video, she earned $152.70 and had an RPM of $19.31.

What’s the deal?

Both videos had very different topics.

  • The video with 66K views was a hair tutorial (beauty)
  • The video with 7K views was a tutorial on how to use the Milkshake app for Instagram (technology)

Tatenda’s earnings paint a clear picture of how influential your niche is when it comes to earnings. Two videos can have similar earnings with very different view counts.

3. Clifford Scott

Clifford Scott has about 30K subscribers on his YouTube channel, which is all about finance. While his content is geared towards people in Ghana, a large percentage of his viewers are from India and South Africa.

Clifford shares how much he earned for his Aviator Predictor App video when it had 57K views (now it has over 200K). Here’s what he made:

  • $106.17

That’s an RPM of about $1.86.

That may seem like a low RPM for the finance niche, but it’s important to remember that the audience for this video is located in regions with lower RPMs. In fact, data shows that countries in Africa, Asia, and Latin America generally have the lowest RPMs.

Clifford Scott’s channel is another example of how different variables can affect your earnings. He’s in a higher-paying niche, but the location of his audience keeps his RPM lower. Still, $106 for a single video isn’t anything to sneeze at.

4. Kimbro

Kimbro is a micro YouTuber with about 2.4K subscribers. Despite having such a small number of subscribers, her videos get quite a bit of views. Some over 100K views.

Her channel’s niche is beauty and lifestyle, but mostly beauty.

Kimbro shared how much she earned for videos with 1K, 25K, 50K and 100K views.

Her video that got 50K views was all about Stila Liquid Lipstick Swatches. How much did she earn for those 50K views?

  • $116.70

Her RPM for that video was about $2.3, which fits into the average RPM range for YouTube.

As you can see, most of these YouTubers had somewhat similar earnings, but for different reasons.

  • Kimbro only earned $116 because she’s in the beauty niche.
  • Clifford Scott’s earnings were lower because of his audience’s location.
  • Tatenda Henany’s niche and audience location both affected her earnings.
  • Tommy Bryson had the highest earnings because he’s in the finance niche and his audience is primarily in the U.S.


Hitting the 50K-view milestone is a huge achievement for any YouTuber. While you may not be making millions of dollars a year – yet – your 50K-view video can earn you hundreds or thousands of dollars. That’s something to celebrate. As you continue to grow, your earnings will only grow along with you.

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