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How Much Money Do You Make on YouTube with 1,000 Subscribers

Are you on your way to being monetized and wondering how much money you can make? Learn how much money you can earn with just 1,000 subscribers.
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how much money do you make on youtube with 1,000 subscribers
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Key Takeaways

$1 – $30 per day is common for 1,000 subscribers

Niche plays a key role in your earnings 

Long-form content performs better than Shorts

Shorts pay very little for tens of thousands of views

Most YouTube channels start with someone posting videos about their passion, and when no one watches their content, they disappear. And when people hear that they can earn $18 per 1,000 views, they assume that small channel owners are making full-time incomes.

We’re going to dive in to answer the question of how much money do you make on YouTube with 1,000 subscribers?


Let’s examine real earnings from real people with smaller channels.

5 Earning Examples from YouTubers with Just 1,000 Subscribers 

YouTube monetization is the goal of many creators. Earning anything from the content that you create gives you a sense of purpose and, for many people, gives them a reason to keep making videos. These channels are from random YouTubers who hit the 1,000-subscriber mark and shared their success with their audience.

Note: We didn’t include other income streams for this article. Instead, we wanted to see how much you can earn just through YouTube monetization and 1,000 subscribers. You could earn additional income through sponsorships and selling your own products or services.

1. William Lee

William Lee takes an analytical approach to explain how much he got paid in his first 90 days with just 1,000 subscribers. He claims that he never expected to earn this much, nor was he able to find concrete data on how much people earned.

His videos must resonate with his audience because he’s now at 42,000 subscribers.

Based on his 1,000 subscriber earnings for a three-month period, he had the following:

  • $7,273 revenue

He did gain nearly 28,000 subscribers during this time, but at the start of tracking, when he had just 1,000 subscribers, he was still earning $25 – $30 per day.

One thing to point out and learn from William is that he spends a lot of time analyzing which videos work and which don’t on his channel.

2. Jacky Kuah

Jacky covers a lot of niches:

  • College
  • Money
  • Life
  • Other stuff (his words)

After he was officially monetized for one month, he shared how much money he made with his following of 1,000 subscribers. He earned:

  • $26.92
  • $2.85 RPM
  • $8.70 playback CPM

Keep in mind that these earnings were for the period of January 1st, 2022 – January 31st, 2022. He earned roughly less than $1 per day, but he was just getting started.

3. YonnaGraphics

Yonna has a lot of great videos, and she teaches people about graphic design. Ironically, her most-viewed video (993,000 views) is the one with her sharing her first YouTube check with the world.

She has built up her following quite a bit in the last year, but at the time, she had just 1,000 subscribers.

Yonna’s first check was:

  • $103.43

She’s a college student and didn’t complain about her earnings. Yonna started getting monetized near the end of October, but she earned the following:

  • $13.40 in October
  • $52.70 in November
  • $50.73 in December

Yonna does state that her AdSense is a little wonky because her first check, based on these stats, should have been $116.83. 

Note: You need to hit the $100 threshold to be paid as a creator.

4. Irina Dee

Irina Dee is very inspirational and a cheerleader for anyone who wants to be a YouTube creator. She is very positive, and she’s a real estate agent in Oregon. She shares info on:

She has a lot of fun on her channel, and when she had just 1,000 subscribers, she earned a good amount of money.

How much?

She breaks the numbers down for us:

  • $534.66 from January – February 17th
  • $10 on her first day of monetization

Interestingly, when she had 2,399 subscribers, she showed a screenshot that in the month of February 2022, she had 47,400 views and a total revenue of $674.

Note: She gained 852 of the 2,399 subscribers during this period, so she did start out at close to 1,500 subscribers for this month.

5. Danielle Ryan

Danielle Ryan was kind enough to share her earnings for the month e hawhen shd 1,500 subscribers. She’s all about providing business advice and also helps people avoid being scammed by coaches who only focus on – coaching.

With this information in mind, let’s learn how much Danielle earned from her following:

  • $89.40 in 30 days on long-form content
  • $7.49 RPM

Live content also brought in $55.90 for 4,000 views and YouTube shorts only made her $1.76 for 26,900 views.

She also broke her earning totals down for her audience:

  • $88.32 for watch page ads
  • $42.51 for fan funding
  • $23.23 for YouTube premium

So, How Much Money Do You Make on YouTube with 1,000 Subscribers?

YouTube monetization is wild. Creators can make a ton of money in one niche and none in another. One thing that stands out is that YouTube Shorts may be a good way to get your face known and receive a ton of exposure, but the earnings are poor.

However, based on these five creators who shared their earnings, you can expect to earn:

  • $.70 – $30 per day
  • $26 – $900+ a month

William Lee is the outlier of the group because he was earning $30 per day when others were making less than $1. You might not be able to replicate these results, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try.

One thing that we wish creators would have shared is more about their audience. If your audience is based in the United States, you’ll earn more than an audience in the Philippines. Earnings are based on how much the advertiser is paying for ads, and if ads don’t cost much in a certain region, you’ll earn far less from these views than in other areas.

William’s video stood out because he is obsessed with analytics and states that you should:

  • Learn which videos receive the most views on your channel and dissect why
  • Determine the most profitable videos and analyze what you did differently with this video compared to others

YouTube provides a wealth of information to creators that you’ll find in your dashboard. Analyzing all of the data that’s available to you will allow you to shape the future of your channel.

Over time, you can begin making money off of sponsorships, selling merch or offering services. Affiliate links to the gear you use or the shirt you always wear are other ways that you can make additional money from your subscribers.

A mix of revenue streams will provide you with peace of mind that you’re not 100% reliant on AdSense and the current advertising market for your earnings.

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