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8 Ways To Get Instagram Followers Without Following

Can you really get followers on Instagram without following people? Yes! We’ll show you how with our top, proven strategies.
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How To Get Followers on Instagram Without Following People
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Instagram remains one of the top social media platforms in the world, with over 2.3 billion active users. If you’re not getting new followers or your account just seems to be “dead,” we’re going to share:

  • Eight methods to get more followers without following people
  • A quick and easy way to get 50 new followers
  • Why spending money can help

Instagram is competitive, and if you want to get more followers, you’ll need to work hard and be strategic. 

8 Proven Methods: How to Get Followers on Instagram Without Following

Ready to boost your followers? Below are proven methods that we know work well, but we do recommend starting with a killer Instagram bio. A bio will help people quickly know what your account is all about and if it’s one that they want to follow.

Also, be sure that you have your account set to public so that others can see your posts and follow you.

Otherwise, if your account is private, it will drastically reduce the number of new followers you get organically.

1. Post on Trending Topics

First up, hop on trends. People love trends and some savvy social media marketers have grown accounts rapidly by using a trend.

For example, you’ll want to:

  • Go to the Explore page to spot trends
  • Follow others in your niche who are known for following trends
  • Use social listening tools
  • Type in hashtags and see what the autocomplete recommends

Social listening tools are an amazing option for finding trends because they have their own databases and platforms that monitor Instagram. A few tools that are well-known for finding trending topics are:

  • Mention
  • BuzzSumo
  • Sprout Social

If you spot a trend emerging, make a post about it and use the appropriate hashtags.

2. Boost Your Posts

If you have the budget for it, you can pay to boost your posts. Boosting posts is possible by following these steps:

  • Go to your Profile
  • Tap a Post you want to boost
  • Tap Boost

You’ll find the “Boost” under your post, but you do need a non-personal account. Instagram will walk you through the rest of the process to successfully boost your post.

3. Buy Followers + Claim 50 FREE from Viralyft

Why not buy Instagram followers? Many accounts start with buying followers to get an initial foundation of followers that encourage organic followers over time.

For example, people are more inclined to follow an account with 1,000 followers than one with 50 because it has social proof.

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And if you want a quick follower boost, we do offer 50 free followers.

Claim your followers, and we’ll begin sending them to your account ASAP.

4. Buy Shoutouts

If you have the budget, you can buy shoutouts to get more followers. Shoutouts are exactly what they sound like – you pay an influencer to mention your Instagram account in their content.

You’re paying for exposure, and that exposure can grow your following significantly.

If an influencer with 100K followers mentions your account, you can easily gain hundreds or even thousands of new followers virtually overnight. 

Here are some of the most popular places to buy shoutouts:

You’ll find options for all budgets from these sites. 

Shoutouts are a great way to kickstart a new account or reinvigorate your growth if you’re struggling to get more followers.

5. Begin Using Hashtags

Free Instagram Hashtag Generator Banner

Speaking of hashtags, when you begin to type them in, you’ll get recommendations.

For example, if you type “business,” you’ll see a long list of autocomplete hashtags that are available in order of popularity.

Add some of the best hashtags to your posts to help them gain traction.

We recommend following these strategies, or you can use our free Instagram hashtag generator to find trending hashtags that you can use.

6. Create Content Pillars

A lot can be said about content pillars, but we’re going to be as succinct as possible:

  • Content pillars focus on one central idea or theme
  • Pillars consist of a bunch of posts on the topic
For example, if you’re a fitness expert, you may have a weight loss content pillar, which means a good chunk of your posts will involve weight loss. You can share tips, inspirational stories, products – anything relating to the topic.

And you can have multiple content pillars based on a generic, central idea or niche.

Posting content pillars will help you gain more followers from people who see your account but never follow it. 


It shows topical consistency that attracts new followers.

7. Mention Influencers

If you don’t want to buy shoutouts, you may be able to get the same results by mentioning influencers in your content.

Whenever you mention someone in your content, they get notified. If it’s an influencer, they may check out your post and your account. They may even follow you and mention you in their own posts.

Making connections with influencers who share a similar audience can help you naturally grow your following. 

These influencers don’t have to be your “competitors.” They can be people who focus on similar things but still have their own niche. Your audiences are similar, but you’re not directly competing for their attention.

There’s no guarantee that an influencer will mention you or even acknowledge you, but there’s no harm in trying. If they do give you a shoutout, that one simple mention could lead to hundreds of new followers.

8. Create Shareable Content

One of the best ways to get more followers without following is to create shareable content. If people love your content, they’ll share it with other people on Instagram.

Each person who shares your content acts like your own personal promotional army.

Shares expand your reach without you having to lift a finger. The people who receive the share may visit your account, check out your content and start following you.

How do you create shareable content?

  • Use Instagram Insights to see what kind of content your audience likes
  • Focus on creating content that’s useful, inspirational, thought-provoking, relatable or entertaining
  • Tell a story with your content and inspire people
  • Validate your audience’s opinions and appeal to their interests
  • Capitalize on trends

Shareable content will naturally help you grow your following.

Final Thoughts

Following other Instagram users is one way to get more followers, but it’s not the only way. Use these strategies to start growing your account and boosting your engagement at the same time – all without you having to follow a single Instagram account.

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