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10 Best Influencer Auditor You Must Try in 2023

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  5. 10 Best Influencer Auditor You Must Try in 2023
Best Influencer Audit Tools
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Social media is undoubtedly the most powerful way for influencers to boost their online presence. Audit tools are not only important for marketers but also for influencers. That is why we are here with the 10 best influencer auditors.

According to Hootsuite, 3.97 billion people all over the world are currently using social media, so influencers have a golden opportunity to connect with millions of people. If you are an influencer and looking for a perfect tool to track your performance irrespective of any platform, then don’t worry! These social media audit tools will help you in analyzing and optimizing your social media efficiently.

This involves assembling key information and statistics about your social media efforts and using those insights to enhance its performance. In other words, these influencer auditors help you understand what is working in your social media strategy.

Hiring a digital marketing strategy is somewhat more expensive than using an efficient audit tool. So, the tools listed below are either free or inexpensive making your social media marketing convenient.

Influencer auditors aren’t extremely difficult to find and we have made your work rather easier. All the tools in our list pack all the necessary features required to analyze your marketing efforts.

Here is the list of 10 best Influencer Auditors in 2023-:


buzzsumo - Influencer Audit Tools

Buzzsumo is one of the best influencer auditors and is available at a highly affordable price. product. You can use it for free as long as you want, but the limited results provided by the free account leaves you wishing for buying a paid version.

Buzzsumo is excellent for displaying what is popular on social media. It shows you which content any business shares the most, what topic or product is great for checking out, and what was successful for your competitors. Alternatively, you can search by niche. It can also show you which content pieces were shared the most on social media about any particular topic.

Well, Buzzsumo does more than that. It includes an Influencers and Outreach section that allows you to search, analyze and follow influencers. You can sort this in several ways to determine which influencers are the most important for your niche.

You should probably concentrate more on an influencer’s domain authority than on his/her followers. If you want to build up a healthy business relationship with an influencer you need to ensure that he/she has a reasonable retweet ratio, something near 20% or higher. If they don’t retweet often, then you are unlikely to encourage that person to share your content.

You can only view the top 10 influencers in a list in the free version, though. However, you might consider opting for a short-term free trial of the premium version to try out its features and find more influencers. It is the Best Influencer Auditor with Amazing Features.


influence - Influencer Audit Tools

Influence takes a vastly different approach compared to other influencer platforms. Although it offers most of the usual influencer marketplace services, it acts very much like a social media platform also. This helps brands sustain all types of authentic and long-term relationships that are intrinsic to influencer marketing. Indeed, Influence now has a network and marketplace with more than 250,000 members. 150K of whom are influencers, 70K businesses, and 30K other people.

The social aspect of Influence does not take the place of discovery and activation it complements it. However, it succeeds in promoting the platform to something else. Brands are more likely to connect and build relationships with influencers whose posts appear in their feed.

Influence offers two plans, free and paid. With the free account, you can build your profile and access the community of the platform. You can perform up to 50 results per search and organize them into 3 lists. You can create and publish campaigns as well as message up to 12 influencers per month. 

The Business Pro paid plan offers much more features. It gives you multiple profiles, unlimited results, advanced searches, unlimited lists, advanced search, campaign management, unlimited campaigns, campaign reports, lead sourcing, team members, and more.


Upfluence - Influencer Audit Tools

Upfluence is a full-scale influencer platform that offers a well-rounded set of features. A pivotal part of influence is its influencer search and discovery engine. It features a massive database of more than 3 million influencer profiles. Upfluence’s AI indexes and updates those profiles in real-time. The algorithm analyzes each bit of content for reach and engagement. 

Users can find influencers through Upfluence using as many keywords as necessary. By drilling down with keywords, you can start to narrow the pool a little bit. You can narrow down your search even further on Instagram by using several criteria like location, social platform, number of followers, etc.

The resulting statistics also show up in near real-time. On the left side of the screen, you type the search terms, and the right side shows the number of results based on your search. After that, it categorizes them into groups based on follower size.

Upfluence also offers a free Chrome plugin. You can use it to analyze a particular influencer’s profile straight from your browser. It is compatible with profiles on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube,  Pinterest, as well as Blogs.


hypeauditor - Influencer Audit Tools

HypeAuditor helps you determine the top Instagram influencers by ranking them according to their number of quality and engaged followers. HypeAuditor’s AI analyses thoroughly to do this and provides you with the best results. It gathers raw data from multiple sources, then depersonalizes and clusters it. It takes only real followers and likes into consideration. The algorithm then ranks influencers and creates the global top influencers’ lists, which are updated daily.

You can either select a list of Top 1000 influencers, covering all major niches, or break that list into one of 14 categories. Moreover, you can either select influencers from all over the world, or select a list that includes influencers from one of the 17 selected countries.

HypeAuditor gives the following information about each influencer in every list:

  • Their current ranking
  • The influencer’s Instagram username
  • Main topics the influencer posts about
  • Their audience country
  • Their followers
  • An estimation of their authentic engagement

If you click on any influencer, you will be directed to a page giving additional information and stats relating to their Audience Quality Score, Instagram performance, engagement, and demographics of their followers.

Post For Rent

Post For Rent

Post For Rent is a full-fledged influencer tool. The company effectively maintains an equilibrium between authentic influencer campaigns and cold business efficiency.

There is a system for brands and influencers to leave reviews for one another and act as references. Brands searching for influencers in their niche can view these reviews and can click on their profiles to see feedback given by other brands. Similarly, influencers can see ratings for brands, which may impact their decision of working with a particular brand.

Brands do not even need to search for influencers before creating a campaign. If they publish a Public campaign, this amazing tool notifies any influencers who match the criteria of the campaign through a mobile app. Those who show interest can apply directly.

If you choose to search for influencers manually, Post For Rent shows you thumbnails of relevant influencers, with their ratings, basic stats, and a credibility score. You can then select those influencers who interest you. Then they are added to a list on the right side of your screen. You can keep refining your search, based on influencer and audience attributes, and the list never disappears.

Post For Rent lets you search influencers based on the hashtags they used in their past content. This helps give better targeting. It also offers the ability to analyze any social media account, and the first report is free. This provides the perfect first step to make informed decisions in influencer marketing.

Social Crawlytics

Social Crawlytics - Influencer Audit Tools

Social Crawlytics lets you track content and competitors. You can use it to discover the most popular posts and which websites they are shared on. Unlike some other social media monitoring sites, you can run reports on Social Crawlytics by specific domains. For instance, you can analyze your competitors to know what is their most successful content and how many people have shared it.

In the beginning, Social Crawlytics provides you 2,500 credits to use. Each URL you crawl charges a certain number of credits. Some of your credits regenerate every week, and you can also gain bonus credits if you send a tweet on behalf of Social Crawlytics.

The Social Crawlytics report is pretty detailed containing the social performance of the crawled site. This includes details of the top authors as well as their total number of shares. This could give you possible influencers.

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Full Contact

Full Contact

While Full Contact is not targeted particularly at influencer marketing, but it does have features that will help you in keeping track of your influencers. It is technically a contact management solution. You can build up a mix of possible influencers across podcasts, blogs, YouTube, Instagram, and other major social media platforms. You may even connect with some of them in person. They are best in Instagram Growth Services.schedule posts

Full Contact helps you keep track of all your influencers’ details. It allows you to link all your major contact-carrying accounts, such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, and anywhere else you keep contacts. The tool then creates one centralized contacts book. This merges your contacts while removing any duplicates and fills in any additional information it finds about your contacts from the internet.

Full Contact offers a free trial as well as paid plans. The trial version only allows you to match up to 100 people and 100 companies per month.

The paid plan starts from  $99 per month that allows you to match 2,500 people and 2,500 companies per month.


AspireIQ- Influencer Audit Tools

AspireIQ calls itself a community intelligence marketing platform that is built for advocacy. It sees your community as the best influencers of all. It considers your community to be creatives, like-minded customers, professionals, experts, brand representatives, and employees who share similar values and passion towards your brand beyond the products or services you sell. You can use this tool to turn every connection into value.

AspireIQ has built a database of more than 6 million content creators so that you can find the perfect partners to collaborate with. You can simplify each step of your campaign with their automated workflow that adapts to your needs, starting from the first connection and product fulfillment to content approval and tracking. This means you can widen your reach to hundreds of influencers.

AspireIQ offers paid plans if you want to use all its resources. However, it is free for creators to join. It doesn’t take any fees on creator relationships. It charges only for the software that helps in scaling your community and influencer programs. The price of its plans isn’t available on the website, so you need to register on it to know more.



Crowdfire is a powerful influencer audit tool for social media managers, brands, agencies, startups,  individuals, and enterprises to boost their social media engagement and growth.

They can help you find influencers and other people to follow on Twitter and Instagram relevant to your niche. It can also help you track how several types of posts impact yours follow and unfollow rates. Along with the above-stated social media platforms, it supports Facebook, Linked In, and Pinterest too.

Crowdfire is a free as well as a paid app. You can work with 3 social media accounts in the free pack and schedule posts on Your  account. The paid plans start from $7.48/month when paid annually with several other features. It offers three paid plans- Plus, Premium and VIP. It is one of the Best Influencer Audit Tools.


Personapp - Influencer Audit Tools

Well, you will not be able to get any influencers using Personapp, you can use it to help you know the types of people that you should search for to be influencers for your brand.

While training for marketing or sales, you probably have learned about the importance of personas drummed into you. You are always told to have personas for your ideal customers. Manufacturers are also inspired to draw up persons for the ideal users of their product.

The same can easily be done for influencer marketing. If you spend time thinking about the persona of your ideal influencer, you may save a lot of time that you can invest in strengthening your campaigns. Too many brands waste time, money, and energy chasing the wrong influencers who are not ideal for their business.

Just because somebody exerts influence online doesn’t mean they will be of real benefit to your business. For your influencer marketing to be successful, you need to find influencers who post in your niche and are supported by your target audience.

Personapp leads you through the persona creation process gradually covering several factors such as behavior patterns, needs, goals, attitudes, beliefs, skills, workflow, and environment.


Today, influencer marketing is one of the most economical forms of digital marketing. According to a study by the Influencer Marketing hub in 2017, every $1 spent on influencer marketing gives a return of $6.50. The top 13% of businesses in the study received a return of at least $20/dollar spent.

However, there is a real reason why influencer marketing is so effective. Through targeted influencers, you can gain exposure to the target audience you need for your business. Influencers tend to have real audiences who are interested in their content genuinely. So if an influencer is promoting your brand, then there are high chances that your sales and engagement will boost.

Niche influencers charge far less compared to celebrities and can be just as effective. The only remaining challenge left is finding the right ones to work with. Most of the tools on the list are built specifically for influencer marketing. If that is your goal, try a couple of them and opt for the one you like the most.

In any case, some of the best tools in this list offer a free trial, which means you can try their services before buying their subscription and get the one that is right for your business.

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