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5 Best Instagram Audit Tools & Useful Guide

Is your engagement rate up to snuff? Do you have too many fake followers? These five Instagram audit tools will help you find out.
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Best Instagram Audit Tools
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What’s the secret to Instagram success? Building a strong brand. Whether you’re an influencer or a business owner, having a solid brand makes you instantly recognizable, establishes you as an authority and helps you grow your following naturally. But how do you know if you have a strong brand? Conduct an Instagram audit.

An audit will help you understand your engagement rate and identify areas of improvement to get more followers or drive more traffic to your website.

While you can conduct an audit manually, it’s easier and quicker to use Instagram audit tools. Why? Because they automate the entire process.

To save you time and make your life easier, we’re going to share five audit tools that you can start using today.

5 Best Tools To Run an Instagram Audit + Guide

There are so many Instagram audit tools out there, but these five are some of the most popular ones and are trusted by influencers and marketers alike.

1. Upfluence

Upfluence Instagram Audit Tools

Upfluence offers a free Instagram audit tool, and they also have a free browser extension that lets you run audits on Instagram profiles. Audits provide a wealth of information, including:

  • Audience demographics – countries, cities, age ranges, genders
  • Engagement rate
  • Average likes and comments
  • Comparison to other similar influencers

Upfluence’s services are designed for brands wanting to get into influencer marketing, but their auditing tools can be used for your own purpose to help your account grow.

2. HypeAuditor

HypeAuditor Instagram Audit Tools

HypeAuditor has a basic, free tool that you can use to audit Instagram accounts. Just enter a username and click the “Check” button to run a report. The basic report will tell you:

  • Audience quality score from 1 to 100.
  • Number of followers
  • Engagement rate

But if you sign up for an account, you can view a more detailed report for free that tells you:

  • Audience demographics (languages, countries, gender, true reach, etc.)
  • Fake follower checker
  • More detailed engagement analysis
  • Audience interests
  • Brand mentions
  • Worldwide ranking
  • Other social handles
  • More

With HypeAuditor, you can get started for free, but pricing starts at $399 if you want continual insights and audits.

3. PathSocial

PathSocial Instagram Audit

If you’ve noticed a drop in engagement on Instagram, PathSocial’s tool can help you understand why. Their free audit tool can tell you:

  • Your engagement rate
  • Your follower count
  • How many posts you have
  • Your average comments
  • Your average likes

To get your free audit, you’ll need to enter your email address. This tool won’t be able to tell you if you have fake followers, but it can help you understand your engagement and how you compare to other influencers.

4. Iconosquare

Iconosquare Instant Instagram Audit

Iconosquare, a popular social media analytics and marketing tool, has an Instant Instagram Audit tool for business accounts.

You can only use this tool if you have a business account, and you’ll need to:

  • Connect your account to the Iconosquare platform
  • Provide your email address

The free, detailed report gives you insights into your account’s:

  • Average reach
  • Average comments
  • Average likes
  • Engagement reach and rate
  • Average impressions
  • Overall optimization score

Iconosquare provides some great tips and advice in their report, and the platform is trusted by social media managers around the world.

5. Modash Fake Follower Check

Modash for Instagram

Worried about fake followers? Modash has a free fake follower checker tool that will tell what percentage of your followers are fake. But it will also tell you other useful information about your account, including your:

  • Follower count
  • Average likes
  • Engagement rate
  • Likes over time
  • Followers over time
  • Most used hashtags and mentions
  • Popular posts

Modash’s tools provide more detailed information than most other free audit reports.

What to Do When Conducting an Instagram Audit?

Instagram audit tools open a gateway of possibilities for you to grow your account’s following and brand. You must use the data at your disposal to improve your strategy, enhance growth and boost engagement.

But, how?

First, you need to identify your goals and KPIs, so you can measure your success using concrete figures in the future.

1. Identify Your Goals and KPIs

What is the goal of your Instagram account? Perhaps you want to:

You want to create goals and milestones that you need to follow. But how will you measure those goals? KPIs will let you use measurable data to learn more about your successes or failures.

Many businesses will have marketing and Instagram goals. For example, you may have goals to measure:

  • Followers
  • Engagements
  • Leads
  • Conversions
  • Content reach

We recommend that you have major goals, such as adding 1,000 followers in the next three months, and then mini milestones that you must reach along the way. KPIs are a great measurement of your overall success towards reaching a goal, but you will need to readjust your strategy as things evolve.

2. Check✅Your Personal and/or Business’s Brand Image

Business and personal branding on Instagram are how you’re known online – or on Instagram. You want to be known for something. If you’re a fitness brand,💪perhaps you’re known for sharing the best apparel in the industry and tips on how to build muscle or lose weight.

If someone lands on your Instagram, Facebook, X or other account, they’ll be able to recognize your brand’s:

  • Image
  • Profile

Nike is a brand that shows how branding works. You can distinguish the brand from any other when you go on their profile. The logo helps you recognize the company’s accounts, and you want to recreate this same image for your account.

Be sure that you use consistent branding across your accounts, including profile photos, in-depth bio, fonts and messaging.

3. Ensure Your Posts, Captions and Profile are Consistent

Consistency is key when branding online. Far too many profiles are unfollowed because they’re no longer consistent. You want to have the same tone, voice and message across all of your social media profiles.

It’s important to maintain:

  • Similar posts and messages, although they don’t need to be the same posts on each account
  • Captions must be of the same tone and style (i.e., funny, promotional, etc.)

Color schemes, language and messaging that match across profiles help you build a brand. Once you’re confident in your account’s brand and profile, you can move on to more of the data-related points of an Instagram audit.

4. Check Your Hashtag Usage

Master Your Hashtag Usage

Hashtags are an important part of your social media strategy, and while you can use up to 30 on your images and videos, you really only need 3 – 5 for each post. You don’t need to spend too much time on hashtags, but you do want to use tags that are:

  • Relevant to your audience
  • Helping you gain followers
  • Expanding your reach

You can use an Instagram hashtag generator to help you find tags that are accurate to the post that you’re posting. If you use the same hashtag across all posts, you may be missing out on opportunities to reach a new audience.

5. Check for Fake Followers

Spotting fake followers using one of the audit tools for Instagram listed above can be alarming. Every account wants to have 100% real followers, but it’s almost impossible to control because there are more and more bots creating fake accounts.

You can have fake followers with no ramifications.

For example, if you have 10% fake followers, and no one would blink an eye at it. Once you start hitting near the 25% fake follower count, this is when sponsors and brands will be concerned because:

  • Engagement will be much lower
  • Fraudulent activities may have occurred

During your Instagram audit, you’ll want to remove fake followers. We have a comprehensive guide on conducting an Instagram follower audit that explains how to begin removing these fake followers.

Instagram audit tools help speed up the auditing process. You can use tools to eliminate the time-consuming manual tasks involved in an audit and build an audience that is highly targeted and engaged.

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