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How To Get 10k Views on Reels in 2024

What’s the secret to getting 10K views on Reels? We share our top, little-known strategies for skyrocketing your views overnight.
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How To Get 10k Views on Reels
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Instagram Reels are one of the most popular forms of content on the platform. Video creates connections with your audience that you cannot make otherwise, and Reels have been pushed by the platform extensively in the last year.

If you’re a creator trying to leverage the power of Reels, you know that you can make them, but that doesn’t mean that you’ll get a lot of views.

You have to earn views.

We’re going to explain how to get 10k views on Reels using proven methods that have worked extremely well across niches and countries.

How To Get 10k Views on Reels Using 12 Proven Tips

If you want to get 10,000 views on your next Reels, you can implement the tips below, which we know work time and time again.

1.  Add Trending Hashtags

Free Instagram Hashtag Generator BannerHashtags may not be an instant means of getting views, but they will certainly help you get more of them. We’ve found that adding 5.44 hashtags will improve your reach and discoverability, so add 5-6 hashtags to your Reels.

You can do a few things here:

  • Add trending hashtags that are relevant
  • Add hashtags that you think will work
  • Use our hashtag generator

Our 100% free Instagram hashtag generator will help you find the best hashtags for your Reels.

2. Try Pleasing the Algorithm

Do you know about the Reels algorithm? It’s no secret that Instagram utilizes advanced algorithms for everything on the platform. If you view your Explore Page and realize it’s all content that you want to see, it’s because of the massive amount of data that Instagram collects and uses to recommend content to you.

A similar algorithm is used for Reels, and we have an extensive guide on the Instagram Reels algorithm.

What we’ve found is:

  • Relationships matter, so be sure to make deep connections with your audience.
  • Engagement with your Reels increases reach, so be sure to ask people to like, share and comment on your Reels.
  • Freshness plays a role in Reels, so you need to post at the right time.
  • The relevance of your Reels will matter, so be sure to use hashtags, add audio tracks and create captions that make Reels hyper-relevant to your audience.

If you follow just these few concepts, you’ll be working with Instagram’s algorithm to promote your Reel rather than against it.

3. Focus on Quality, NOT Quantity

Creating Reels fast with AI is something a lot of creators are doing to expand their reach. Why? Every time they post, they may be able to attract new followers. And it makes sense to increase the number of quality Reels that you post.

The problem is quantity often comes at the risk of quality.

When you create new Reels, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is this Reel something that you would watch?
  • Are you providing value to your audience with this Reel?
  • Is there anything that you can do right now to improve the Reel before posting?

If you create low-quality Reels that people don’t want to watch, you risk low engagement and not receiving the 10k views that you want on your Reels. If you’re struggling to reach your goal, it could be that your content is not worthy.

4. Buy Views

If you want to hack your way to more views, buy Reel views from us. We offer affordable Reels packages and will deliver:

  • Real views to your Reels
  • Fast results

When buying views, be sure that you review the company you plan on using and ensure that they offer only genuine views and not views from bots.

Not ready to buy views? You can take advantage of our free Instagram views to try our service out before buying.

5. Select the Right Music and Sounds

Trending Audio to Your Videos and Reels

Audio is one of the areas of content creation that a lot of people “sleep on.” You can use audio as a way to hook viewers in and keep them interested in your Reels. If you add audio before a transition in your video or add trending music, it can help you:

  • Keep viewers watching your video
  • Show up when people look for videos with certain music

Add strategic sounds and music to help enhance your videos.

6. Add in Captions and Thumbnails

Captions are a great way for your Reels to reach a new, wider audience. You have to remember that a lot of people are viewing your videos with the sound off.

And if you don’t have captions, they will click off your Reels because someone else will have sound.

Add in captions, even using one of the many caption generators, and it will increase engagement and views. You’ll also want to choose a thumbnail for your Reel strategically. A good thumbnail – it’s called Cover – can attract more clicks and overall views.

Despite Instagram calling Reel thumbnails covers, they are the same thing and should be chosen strategically to improve your views.

7. Promote Your Reels

If you have the budget, consider promoting your Reels. Instagram allows you to, essentially, transform any Reel into an ad for your profile. 

Here’s how:

  • Log into your Instagram account.
  • Tap your profile icon to navigate to your profile page.
  • Find the Reel you want to promote.
  • Tap the “Boost post” button.
  • Follow the prompts and set your budget.

Promoting your Reels will almost guarantee that you’ll get more views, and if you’re willing to put your money into it, you can easily hit your goal of 10K views.

8. Post Your Reels at the Right Time

Optimal Timing for Instagram Posting

Creating high-quality content is only one piece of the puzzle. If you’re not posting when your audience is most active, you’ll struggle to get 10K views. 

When should you post? Check your Insights to see when your audience is most active. 

But as a general rule of thumb, posting on Wednesdays at 10-11 AM is ideal. 

9. Try Keeping Your Reels Short

Instagram Reels can be up to 90 seconds long, but just because you can create 90-second Reels doesn’t mean that you should.

The average watch time for Reels is just 8 seconds, so try aiming for 10 seconds or less. Aim to catch their attention in the first 2 seconds to keep them around and stop them from scrolling.

If you keep your Reels short and have a great hook, people will be more likely to watch it all the way through. 

10. Ask Questions to Encourage More Views

One of the best ways to boost engagement and encourage more views is to ask questions. Ask viewers their opinion on something relevant to your Reel or to share their story in the comments.

Be specific when asking people to comment. For example, if you’re traveling through a city in France, ask people if they’ve ever visited that town and share their favorite place they visited there. This takes the guesswork out of commenting because they don’t have to think about their response. People will be more likely to respond if you make it this easy to comment.

People love sharing their thoughts and stories, so this one tactic can be an easy way to skyrocket your views.

11. Start Using Special Effects and Stickers

Want to make your Reels stand out? Start using special effects and stickers whenever it’s relevant. Not only will these features make your content more unique, but they’ll also improve engagement.

There are so many special effects available now for Reels, so it’s easier than ever to make your short videos pop.

When adding stickers, focus on ones that encourage interactions. For example, you can add polls, quizzes and sliders to your Reels. These interactive elements will make your Reels more shareable. The more people engage with your video, the higher the chance of it making it to the Explore page, where you can easily get 10K views.

You can also create cutouts, which turn your photos into stickers that you can use in Reels. We also recommend using the caption sticker, which will automatically create captions for your Reels. 

12. View Instagram Insights

Can I Use Instagram Analytics

If you want to create Reels that get 10K views, you need to know what your audience likes and when they’re online.

How do you find out what your audience likes and when they’re most active online? Check your Instagram Insights.

Your Insights tab is such a valuable resource because it will tell you:

  • Views, reach and engagement for Reels, Stories and feed posts
  • How many people interacted with your content and when
  • Audience demographics

These metrics help you understand what kind of content gets the most attention and engagement from your audience.


Getting 10K views on Reels is a feat for any Instagrammer, especially when you’re competing with so many other creators for views. Use our guide to start getting more views and create more content that your audience wants to see. Once you get your first 10K views, you’ll find it easier to get even more views and start growing your account.

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