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Ampfluence Review: Best Growth Services & Alternatives

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Today, having a good presence on social media platforms, especially, Instagram is a pathway to triumph. Whether you’re an influencer, agency, brand, blogger, marketing professional, or just a newbie, good social media presence is a must.

With a strong presence, authority, and influence, you can get your career off the ground and achieve unimaginable heights of stardom. You can then achieve all your digital goals through these platforms.

However, these days it’s quite complicated to have a strong presence, authority, and influence on these platforms. Most influencers, brands, creators, and other famous personalities nowadays opt for social media growth services. The market for these growth services is experiencing huge demand and constantly growing. 

As a result, you can find tons of companies out there providing these services. One thing to know is that not all the companies or platforms provide real services. Most of them provide bots, spam, or automated services that are hardly credible.

To know the difference between a legit company and one providing bot, unsafe, or spammy services, proper research is needed.

In this post, we’ll be reviewing one of the companies that claim to be the “#1 Instagram Growth Service”, Ampfluence. In this Ampfluence review, we’re going to take an in-depth look at features, services, pricing, and other areas.

We’ll see whether their claim is true or not. You’ll be able to know whether Ampfluence is worth it, especially in the case of Instagram. Let’s start!

What is Ampfluence?

Ampfluence is a company that provides social media growth services. Ampfluence mainly specializes and is well-known for its Instagram growth services. But, one can also rely on it to get, Twitter, TikTok, and social media posts.

As you may or may not know, nearly 27% of all Internet users are on Instagram. Due to this Ampfluence becomes a service provider that you can definitely consider to achieve success on Instagram.

Ampfluence guarantees to provide ‘100 percent human-powered services’. Their services do not involve any kind of bots or gimmicks. We also found out that they do not involve any kind of automation software to provide these services.

To add a cherry on the top, services are 100% compliant with the respective social media algorithm’s terms of service. Unlike other shady service providers, Ampfluence takes no risk with its client’s online credibility.

Hence, all these make it a better option than most other service providers in the market. There is hardly any company out there that can promise this type of service without a catch. Till now, we can say that Ampfluence is a legit place where you don’t have to worry about bots or automation. You get the most important aspect of human interactions.

Now, let’s move on with Ampfluence’s features.

Ampfluence’s Features

It is the “How It Works” section of the website that tells us what features they provide.


Hands down there are hardly very few companies that have this feature or provide this facility to clients. Ampfluence consults with all their clients to learn the problems, needs, and expectations.

Ampfluence asks clients for information such as niche, usernames, hashtags, locations, gender, and other basic details. All of this information is then used by their team of experts to find the perfect target audience.


The real grind starts as soon as the target audience gets determined. The team of experts then begins interacting and engaging with the target audience. They do these through liking, commenting, and following strategically as needed.

Ampfluence guarantees to organically grow their clients’ followers over time through consistent social interactions and engagements. The best part is that all of these are done while keeping up to date with Instagram’s terms of service. All these pretty much tell that Ampfluence’s services are organic and you don’t have any risk.


The team of experts at Ampfluence makes sure to deliver results as guaranteed through safe and time-tested organic strategies. Due to the strategic targeting, you will automatically see a boost in the audience to your Instagram profile and content. 

While going through Amfluence’s features we came across one point which impressed us a lot. Ampfluence clearly tells clients not to solely rely on the growth services.

As per the website, Ampfluence mentions to clients that posting great content consistently is key to success. Hence, a shady company looking to make money by selling fake services would never have mentioned all these on the website.

Ampfluence Pricing

We are not like other sites out there where they write only good things in reviews even if something’s not up to mark. Well, we went through the pricing of Ampfluence’s services, analyzed it properly.

Honestly, we found Ampfluence’s pricing to be a bit on the high or costly side than that of other service providers. However, there are a few things that we want to let you know about the pricing. 

We say so because the services are 100% genuine without any bots, spam, automation, or gimmicks. In addition, all their services are human-powered. So, as soon as the human factor comes, the cost of the company providing services automatically goes up. 

We can say that Ampfluence is not an option for small to medium-sized businesses out there. The pricing is too high as most people’s budgets are limited and don’t prefer to spend so much just for social media presence. As Instagram growth services are what most people look for, below we’ll have an in-depth look at its pricing.

There are three different plans for Instagram growth services available on the website:

The Growth plan costs $249 per month. It includes an average of 250+ followers, a targeted audience, email support, and standard reporting.

The ‘Growth x2’ plan costs $349 per month. It offers you an average of 500+ organic followers, hashtags research, priority support, and custom reporting. 

The ‘Growth & Content’ plan costs $999 per month. It provides you with everything that’s included in the ‘Growth x2’ plan. In addition, it includes 15 social media posts, 15 captions, and 15 social posts scheduled.

If you’re a large brand or not satisfied with the existing plans, you can even get a customized plan made. The customized include services for organic growth, Instagram Ads management, content management, and community engagement.

How Does Ampfluence Work?

To start with, you can first go through all the plans existing on the website. You can choose the one that perfectly fits your budget and needs. Once you know which plan to choose, you just simply have to click “Get Started”. Once you click on it, you’ll get redirected to the checkout page.

Next, in the checkout process, you need to provide some information. Ampfluence asks for details such as name, email, country, street address, city, ZIP, and cellphone number. These are just basic details they take In order to properly deliver the orders. It becomes a red flag wherever you’re asked for passwords. At any given point in time, Ampfluence won’t ask for any passwords.

Next, to complete the checkout process, you need to make the payment for your order. Ampfluence offers clients choose from a range of payment options. The options include PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. 

Once the payment is made, Ampfluence begins the “consultation” process, which we already discussed earlier in the features section. Voila, it’s all done. 

Top Ampfluence Alternatives

Last but not least, we thought that you might still want to know about some other growth service providers out there. So, here is some Ampfluence alternative that you can have a look at.


Viralyft - Ampfluence Review

Viralyft is probably the best alternative that you can get out there for Ampfluence. We would rather say it to be a better alternative than Ampfluence and there are reasons for this. As we saw earlier, Ampfluence mainly specializes in Instagram growth services.

Whereas with Viralyft, you can get top-notch growth services for nearly all major social media platforms. Their team of experts has been in the industry for nearly 100 years. The best part, all the services provided come with features like guaranteed results, affordable prices, 24/7 support, secure checkout, fast delivery, and more.



With the growing opportunities on these platforms, there’s also a significant growth in the competition, too. Nowadays, everyone wants to build their career and have all that social media stardom. As a result, there’s cut-throat competition out there. Growing and getting all that stardom is quite challenging.

However, this Ampfluence alternative claims to make the dreams of their clients’ social media stardom a reality. Well, their track records and customer feedback very much justify their claim. At SocialPros, you can buy growth services such as followers, likes, comments, shares, etc. for all popular social media platforms.


GetViral - Ampfluence Review

Today, hardly anyone has the time to engage as much as needed to get desired growth results. There are times when it gets difficult to be consistent with efforts. Nowadays, it isn’t enough to just create quality content and expect to get desired results.

It takes a lot more than that. So, what if we tell you can boost your authority and get desired growth results all from one place. Well, GetViral, is a one-stop-shop for social media services from where you can do so. 


With this, we come to an end to this Ampfluence review. After doing a lot of research and even using some of the services, we can say that Ampfluence is quite a reliable place for growth services.

We were impressed by how Ampfluence stayed transparent throughout regarding prices, features, steps, and everything. Unlike most sites, Ampfluence’s website has a dedicated FAQ page, which is a plus point in our opinion. Also, we were glad to find out that the website, as well as the payment gateways, are all secured.

In the end, we still say that it’s solely up to you whether you want to give these services a shot or not. We are only making available the information about these services and service providers. We hope this Ampfluence review helped you decide where you should be investing your time, efforts, and money.

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