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10 Best YouTube Marketing Tools to Boost Your Channel {2022}

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Many times it happens that our marketing channel doesn’t form half as well as it should. Despite our constant efforts at putting in great content, we are unable to get traffic and engagement at a profitable rate. If you have been feeling the same about your YouTube channel, then we really think you ought to increase your marketing efforts. However, this time make sure you get a little technically accurate. This could mean using the best YouTube marketing tools for improved results.

These YouTube Marketing Tools can easily help you develop a marketing plan for your upcoming content, while also optimizing the ignored section of your profile. Moreover, they come with years of experience that is hard to acquire on your own. With so many options available, it might take some time to find the best YouTube marketing tools for yourself. However, this little guide below might give you some insight on what software you should pick-

Here is the list of the 10 best YouTube Marketing tools in 2022.

Tube Buddy

Tube Buddy - YouTube Marketing tools

Tube Buddy is a actually a highly compatible browser extension. From keyword analysis to efficient production tools- this is the perfect YouTube marketing tool for multiple actions. Moreover, it can also be installed as a mobile app and it comes with a free version. 

There are a host of features you get with this tool, starting with the auto translator. This function can translate your video title and description to different languages, making your videos globally accessible. Tube Buddy will also carry out periodical checks to make sure your account is in alignment with YouTube’s marketing recommendations. Therefore, your videos will never suffer from broken links or missing video details.

Tube Buddy also comes with an Insta Suggest feature which allows you to find tags that are most commonly searched by people. On the other hand, the keyword explorer for Youtube will let you find the most relevant YouTube and Google trends to improve your content material. There are various other features that make this app one of the best YouTube marketing tools. For instance, they even help their users with thumbnail designing and actually track how well each is performing.


There is always a free version that you can use. However, it comes with limited features like finding the best time to post your YouTube videos. Moving on, there are actually three paid plans you can pick from, that start with $9 a month.


AgoraPulse - YouTube Marketing Tools

Last but not the least- we must mention Agorapulse in our list of best YouTube marketing tools. This app enables easy YouTube marketing by scheduling content, improve engagement rates, and get most important notes on your performance. Further, it also features a social inbox that makes it easier for you to manage multiple conversations within one hub. The tool even helps segregate these messages on the basis of different categories. For instance, if they are positive comments or negative ones. Hence, it allows you to prioritize the users you must immediately interact with.

The tool also provides a great number of reports that can easily analyze the ROI of your present marketing strategy and YouTube engagement. Moreover, it has features that actually let you track certain users and pluck out negative comments or trolls. In addition to this, it works as a great organizer for your YouTube content. It helps you schedule and queues your material on the basis of genre, the best time to post, etc. Therefore, it becomes easy to manage bulk videos. 


You can easily try Agorapulse for tree or book a demo session. Other than this, there are three paid plans with the first one starting at $79 a month. The bills have to be paid annually for all the plans that also come with 15-day trial period.

Napoleon Cat

Napoleon Cat - YouTube Marketing Tools

This is also one of those YouTube marketing tools that actually allow you to integrate different social media. Just as some tools mentioned above, it also comes with a social inbox tool. Within this space, you will have access to all messages and comments that people leave for your videos or channel.

Therefore, if you are looking for an easier way to manage engagement and keep it growing- this app can be of great help. Naturally, you can also manage multiple YouTube accounts through this single platform. Furthermore, you can add team members to this app and get them to quickly respond to the messages if your singular effort is not enough.

The Social Inbox is also an integration of other social media. Therefore, out here you will also find comments and messages from Instagram, Facebook, as well as Twitter. Hence, as far as time consumption goes- this is the most efficient YouTube marketing tool.


Napoleon Cat actually comes with two different paid plans. It starts at $21 a month that lets you manage three accounts from different social media. However, they must belong to a single user. As you keep increasing the number of user accounts or your team members- you will have to pay an additional price.



This is quite a distinct tool for YouTube marketing. The function of this tool is to put together different YouTube insights for you and give suggestions for better performance. Therefore, if you have been struggling to create an impactful marketing strategy for all social media sites– then this is what you should be using. Moreover, it is an amazing tool if you want to track the performance of your competitors within a niche.

This tool will give you information on their most used keywords or phrases that yield hood results. Moreover, you get to know a lot more about your audience too through this app! For instance, you will get immediate information on your audience behavior, their engagement patterns, as well the sentiments they attach with your content.

In addition, you will be able to categorize different date in order to create a different marketing plan for different aspects- like SEO, content creation, and improved engagement. 


They do not have a free plan but actually provide a costless trial period. Their most basic plan starts at only $49 a month and is perfect for small businesses. The essential plan will cost you about $99 a month and will come with various additional features and many more mentions.

Social Blade

Social Blade

We are sure that you have already come across this tool among various suggestions and recommendations online. This tool also comes with an amazing built-in tool for YouTube analytics that can give you some of the most detrimental insights for your YouTube channel. Not only will you be able to find out how much traction your videos are getting regularly.

But also- it will help you identify the content material and content format that is best in keeping with the growth of your account. Moreover, Social Blade also allows you to monitor and understand the growth your competition is seeing. The funny thing is that not only will this tool let you find the best-performing channels on YouTube, but also the worst.

Therefore, you will easily find out what strategies you should not use and what kind of content you should avoid if you want to maintain good performance.  Further, these results can be segmented on the basis of regions, countries, as well as time. Therefore, you can get analytics for one day or one month. You can also get information on the basis of the category of different content.


You will have to pay no money when looking for other influencers. However, you will be hampered by many ads and insufficient data. You can start with the bronze membership at $3.99 a month!

Keyword Tool

Keyword tool

Now YouTube is practically a search engine. Only, it features videos and not the internet in its entirety. As a search engine, YouTube also functions largely on the basis of keywords and their efficiency to rank videos. Hence, if you want to be at the top of search results within a category- then you must use Keyword Tool as an extra hand. This app can easily help you increase your viewers and immensely grow your YouTube account. 

To start with, you simply have to type in your YouTube video content topic. Simultaneously, the software will begin to show you the related search terms that will be profitable to use in the context of that video. This results page will bring up a lot of searches that any topic or query gets within a month.

Moreover, you will be able to find out how competitive a genre is based on the frequency of this term being searched. This will improve your understanding of a keyword and help form a better marketing strategy. Further, you will also be able to find the questions that people generally ask about a topic or about a specific hashtag.


This tool actually starts with a pro plan that costs $89 a month. Each plan comes with a separate amount of access to users’ questions, bulk searches, as well as API requests.



You should be easily able to manage your different social media accounts through a single platform with the help of this app. It actually gives a highly efficient dashboard with multiple features to analyze your YouTube performance. Further, this tool has some of the best ways to help you cross-promote your account on different platforms.

Therefore, you will be able to expand your reach by featuring your content on places like Facebook, Instagram, and even Twitter. This is another app that helps you use multiple members to manage social media growth. Therefore, if you are running a very extensive channel- you can easily delegate responsibilities for different marketing functions.

 Moreover, this app will help you find out what people are saying about your YouTube content. They have a great brand monitoring feature that compiles all the posts and tweets that have been created in relation to your YouTube channel. Naturally, this helps improve content creation and improve engagement rates.


There are four paid plans that you have the freedom to pick from. The first plan starts at $29 a month and helps you manage around 12 social profiles. However, they are made for only one user and the plan prices change as you increase number of profiles as well as users.



This is perhaps the only YouTube marketing tool that has been certified by YouTube itself. It really improves the way you are presented to the target audience. Their main focus are things like social shares, watch time, as well as tags. Furthermore, they will provide you with guidance according to the personalized needs of your channel.

Therefore, they can easily improve your reach on YouTube in an organic fashion. Also, they will help you find the perfect tags, descriptions, as well as titles to improve video SEO. In fact, they will even provide auditing features to get rid of unnecessary material! With the help of this tool you should be able to access the insights that are most important to create a relative graph between yourself and your competition.

Therefore, you will be able to see the loopholes within your marketing strategy that can be easily improved. Hence, you can easily match up to and even get an upper hand over your competition. In order to get real-time feedback, you can also see the velocity of your video and determine its performance.


There is a free basic plan that you can avail yourself within this app. On the other hand, you will be able to use the pro plan for about $7.5 a month. These will bring improved analytics as well as better keyword research. The next plan is also for about $39 a month.

 YouTube Studio

YouTube Studio is a highly efficient dashboard that helps you see how your content has been performing over a period of time. If you really want to make the right analysis of your marketing strategy, then there could be no better place to rely on. They have a very extensive but user friendly dashboard.

As soon as you log in- you will be able to see the performance report of your latest YouTube content. The tool will give you details on the average view duration, impressions CTR, as well as the number of views. 

You can easily anatomize this data by analyzing the engagement of each video, the reach it had, as well as the kind of audience it attracted. Naturally, such information makes it easier for you to make decisions for future content material. Other than YouTube video analytics, you will also find YouTube channel analytics on this dashboard. Clearly, this is a rare feature that you can really benefit from.


YouTube studio is absolutely free. You can easily access this through your menu to view all analytical data.


Agropulse is also a highly efficient YouTube marketing tool that can also be used to manage all social media platforms. To be honest, it has some very strong functionalities for YouTube- that make it one of our favorites on this list. To start with, this tool works great for people running multiple YouTube accounts. This app will easily allow you to move different accounts’ conversations to a single hub within AgroPulse.

Therefore, it will be much easier to manage engagement on different accounts. Also, it has some great features that help in community management. These will help you see the quality of your comments and how much they are contributing to your engagement growth. At the same time, they will keep a check on the nature of the comments. This app will moderate comments and flag or remove any such entries which could be considered spam or unacceptable by YouTube.

Since it integrates different social media within one place, you will also be able to find what social media in its entirety thinks of your videos. Therefore, you can keep an eye out for YouTube mentions on other platforms like Instagram as well. From here on you can become a part of any important conversations that include your channel and YouTube content. Also, you can schedule your posts, label your followers, and find your top fans.


They also start with a free plan that gives a scheduling feature for as much as 40 posts in a month. You can use it for as much as 3 profiles. Paid plans are a little expensive and will start at 99 euros a month.


As social media experts, we simply cannot stress how important it is to make use of marketing tools in the current age. Virtual media has become extremely competitive and a content creator with no knowledge of digital marketing has little hope of being recognized.

In fact, YouTube is the most difficult site to tackle on your own. However, with some expert help- we are sure that your hard work will get the recognition it deserves!

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