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Instagram For Business: 7 Effective Ways to Start Your Business Online

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Thinking of starting your business online using the help of Instagram then these 7 steps can be quite effective when it comes to promoting your business on social media platforms.  Many brands and businesses have started using Instagram to successfully boost the visibility of their business and increase lead generation. Instagram can be a good place to gain exposure for your business and following these steps can help you get started.

Business Profile

Instagram lets you create a business profile so that you can promote your brand or business on the platform. It is completely free and one of the first things that you need to do if you want to start your business promotion on Instagram is to get a business profile. You don’t have to pay anything to get that profile.

If you already have a personal account on the platform and you have got some exposure on that and you want to use that account itself to be used for your business promotion then you can convert the personal account to a business one at just the click of a button. It is very easy to get a business profile on Instagram.

The advantage that you gain by having a business profile is that you get a bunch of tools that you can use for analysis and research. You can gauge how good your posts are performing and who are the people that are interested in your content. All this can be gained at no cost. Thus, you should definitely consider getting a business profile on Instagram if you want to promote your business there.


Instagram Strategies

To gain more success on social media platforms like Instagram you need to be focused. Having a strategy can help you with it. Do not just jump into it straight without any plan. Sit for a moment and jot down everything that you want to achieve from this endeavor. Do you want more exposure?

Do you want more leads? How many conversions are you expecting? Do you want people to visit your website? There will be many questions like these that you need specific answers for. These will help you determine your goals. Some goals will be achievable in a shorter time than other goals.

Categorize them and then start formulating the steps and processes you are going to follow in order to realize the goals you have set. The plan does not have to be perfect. You just need enough to get started towards your first short-term goal and then as you keep promoting you will learn more stuff and your strategy will keep improving.

When you follow a plan you will not waste your energy on random things but rather focus your efforts on specific things. This way you will know how well you are doing and how to improve your strategy. Keep in mind that you need a feedback loop to measure and critique your performance.


Research is very important if you want to get good results from the promotion of your business on social media platforms. Conducting research will help you formulate your starting plan. The research will involve a lot of different research. First of all, you need to research your Instagram audience.

Who is going to engage with your content? You have to gain some idea about it so that you can start making posts that will attract people and make them want to follow your profile. You have to also research what your competitors and peers are doing and who all are following their profiles.

This will give you an idea about how you can create quality posts that are engaging to your potential audience. It will also give you an idea of how promotion on Instagram works and how you can set up your business profile on Instagram. Once you have started posting content on Instagram you have to research how good you are doing.

You have to research different tools and promotion techniques to understand what works for you and which ones you should not waste your energy and effort on. So, once you have decided to promote on Instagram then start by conducting some research to gain some insights on how to go about it.

Good Content

Promotion on social media platforms ultimately boils down to content. If your posts are good and are engaging people your profile will grow and your brand will gain more exposure. If your content is not up to par then people have noise following your profile on social media platforms.

You have to think about why people use social media platforms. Of course, now it seems that brands and businesses are everywhere on Instagram but normal people who are most likely going to buy your products don’t generally hop on Instagram to buy stuff. They are there to enjoy. So, you have to keep giving them posts that they will enjoy seeing on their feed.

Of course, you have to promote products as well but in general, 70% general content and 30% promotional content is what you should strive to achieve. If you keep trying to just promote products people will soon start ignoring your posts and you will receive low engagement which will tell the algorithm that your profile is not useful for the platform and thus, you will not get exposure.

Informative content like facts, infographics, entertaining content like memes, funny videos, good looking people, cute animals, etc. is the ones that are going to get the most engagement. So, try to align your business theme with this type of content so that you can not only engage people but promote your brand as well.


Use Proper Hashtags

One way to get your content out to more people and try to reel in interested users is by using hashtags. A lot of people generally like similar kinds of content and thus they tend to have similar hashtags. So, if you can figure out which hashtags can help you get noticed and get the attention of Instagram users who will like your content then it can be great for your business.

One of the ways to figure out which hashtags can be good for your niche is to take a look at what your peers and competitors are using. You can make a list of the hashtags that these profiles are using and then research them. There are hashtag research tools that can give you the strength and reach of hashtags.

You can even use Instagram to gain some idea about any hashtag. Just search for the hashtag on Instagram and see how many hits you are getting. If your profile has a few thousand followers and the hashtag has a million posts then you should not focus on using that hashtag since your posts will be overshadowed by other posts by popular accounts since they will be using it. Choose a hashtag that has decent hits but you can sort of compete for it as well.

Contests and Giveaways

Contest and giveaways are not only good ways to attract people to follow your profile but also give those followers some reward or incentive to follow you. They can also help you gain a lot of engagement on posts and thus, gain you a lot of exposure. If done right you can get a lot of boost by using contests and giveaways.

First, focus on providing a good prize that is relevant to your brand. Also, if you are going to be hosting a contest make it interesting and ensure that the people who participate have a good time. If your brand deals with fashion then you can host a contest for the best pose or the best purse design or Jewelry design etc.

Giveaways are simple. Winners are picked randomly and given the prize. Keep the entry criteria for this to follow your profile and like and comment on the post. This way you will also receive lots of likes and comments which will boost the visibility of your posts.

You don’t necessarily have to provide expensive prizes but once in a while doing that can help keep your followers happy and expectant. But don’t overdo it because you want followers who engage with your regular content as well. Just keep contests and giveaways as fun things that you sometimes host on your profile.

Performance Metrics

Last but not least is to establish the performance metrics that are going to judge your performance on Instagram. This can be the number of likes you are looking to gain or the number of leads you want to generate etc.

It has to be tangible and specific so that you can instantly understand how well you are doing. This is the feedback loop we talked about earlier. You need to keep a track of these metrics over time. These metrics may change once your goals start getting fulfilled.


So, these were some of the steps and tips that can be followed if one is looking to start promoting their business online on Instagram. Be patient and focus on improving your strategy. Do not deviate from the plan but rather make the plan better. Also, focus on creating good content. Garbage posts will quickly lead people to ignore your profile. We wish you all the best.

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