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10 Best Instagram Story Downloaders in 2023

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Instagram is a treasure of content. With millions of people using the platform, it has an extraordinary amount of data. And when you look at the content, the most exotic and unique pictures and videos are available there. If you are someone who is very much into inspiration hunting, Instagram is the place for you. But you don’t want the content you spent hours searching for to be lost in the great ocean of content. In this situation, downloading the content you like is your only option. However, we all know Instagram as an app does not provide you with an option to download media. But there is nothing for you to stress about because there is the best Instagram story downloader for Mac, iOS, Android, PC, and a variety of other platforms.

You can add these photographs and videos to your collection using these applications and watch them offline in addition to storing them for later viewing. Many third parties are offering you services like downloading Instagram content. So, you need now worry about your selections getting lost. Let’s check out.

Best Instagram Story Downloaders:



Among the leading apps for saving and downloading videos is TubeMate, which lets you save videos from Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and YouTube. It is one of the best Instagram story downloaders in terms of user accessibility. The interface is easy to lead with for anyone.

The application is highly trusted. It is verified and provides you with authenticity. Since privacy cannot be guaranteed always, this application is lauded for its safety. Apart from the full proof of safety, the application also provides its services for free.

When downloading and installing TubeMate, users will not be charged a fee. However, the company policy might differ. There might be extra charges that may apply as per data usage.

Hence, it is always advisable to check through the terms and conditions thoroughly. But if you are looking for an app suitable for beginners and not very technical, this is your answer.

Video Downloader

Video Downloader

Manier times your aim of downloading a story or a video is to repost it. But downloading and then reposting might take up a lot of your precious time. Hence, this app provides a one-stop solution to all your worries.

Using this app, you can directly repost stories, videos, and photos you like. It makes it extremely easy and convenient for you without any unnecessary hassle. Also, you can download content with a single click at the interface.

You don’t have to choose a location when using this tool, which is the best part. This application helps you to save up a lot of your time and energy. As a bonus, you’ll be able to repost your favorite content in a matter of seconds. And this way sharing little moments of joy will become easy and accessible.

The application offers many other features apart from downloading stories, pictures, videos, and reposting. The download it offers is free of cost. And the data including Instagram tags can be copied without any trouble. 


Quicksave - Instagram story downloader

We all have very busy lives. At times after a long day at work sitting on the phone becomes taxing. And trying to save the content you love on your system can be very messy and irritating.

It is luckily possible to simplify your life by using applications such as Quick Save. As soon as you’ve downloaded Instagram videos, you can share them with your friends and repost them.

Not only can you save content, but can also customize it. The application offers you many tools to customize the content as per your needs. Hence, this Instagram tool is something you don’t want to miss working with.

FastSave for Instagram

FastSave for Instagram - Instagram story downloader

It is an application that offers you various services for free. You can download stories, pictures, videos, and content without paying hefty amounts. FastSave has been downloaded by millions of users. And it is the also most loved Instagram story downloader. And if you aim to save and repost content, you need not worry anymore.

A built-in viewer and slideshow are available in the app to view the photos. You would love the simple interface of this software. It makes you want to download content so you can watch them offline and share them with your friends. 

Furthermore, this application is intriguing because of the amazing features it provides you with. From the details of different stories and videos, it enables multiple downloads. And the best part is all at the same time. You can save, share, repost, and delete content with ease.

The interface is user-friendly and also enables a slideshow feature. The application also provides you an option for hidden folders where you can keep your private content safe. With the bar on the primary screen, you have easy access to your download history.



It’s a good idea to start with this Instore site if you’re having a hard time downloading Instagram stories, videos, and photos. Navigation through this site is extremely easy. And it offers fast results in a short time.

You can download content with one click. And it is a blessing since this app has very less advertisements. And without any hassle, you can watch all the saved content.

Reels Downloader for Instagram

Reels Downloader for Instagram

Reels Downloader for Instagram is the best Instagram story downloader. It offers various services and features that can be easily availed on Android, iPad, iPhone, and other devices. The company claims its downloader and the software they use as the most superior of all.

After gaining years of experience in the field, the company provides you with excellent services. Also, with their agenda of customer satisfaction, customer care is brilliant.

If you are someone who needs a user-friendly application with amazing Instagram story downloading quality, this is the perfect application for you. So, download this Instagram story downloader today if in need of a smart application.



The Insget tool enables downloading content straight from the feed of Instagram handles. A useful feature of this program is that it keeps track of user names, locations, and hashtags. Due to its user-friendliness and remarkable customer support services, the app is quite popular.

You will find many people using this app online and loving it. The best part about this tool is it enables you to download up to 30 videos and pictures at once. However, if you wish to increase the limit, you can contact customer help.


Instasave - Instagram story downloader

Thousands of Instagram videos and photographs can be downloaded using Instagramsave irrespective of their size. Web-based applications do not require downloading hence the app can handle really large files.

To use InstaSave, paste your link into the website. It is a perfect application if the content you wish to copy is large. The application’s functioning enables rapid downloads without much trouble.

Instasave is a web-based application that runs easily on any browser. Be it Opera, Chrome, Safari, etc, you name it and the application runs effortlessly. 

This application is one of the most popular applications. Because of its user accessibility and easy outlay, handling the application is super easy. So, downloading your favorite story is going one step away.

Although it provides the most efficient downloader, it also has a drawback. The application contains quite a lot of advertisements. So, for someone who is not very fond of continuous ads, this might not be the right fit for you. But the overall performance of this application is fantastic.

Gram Save

Gram Save

One more application that will be your life saver in terms of Instagram content is Gram Save. Gram Save is a fantastic app that enables easy and quick downloads. You can download stories, photos, videos, and other information available on Instagram. The goal of Gram Save is to provide a way to use Instagram content offline and repost it as well.

With this outstanding app, downloading content on Instagram is going to be a blessing. In addition to public videos, you can also download private videos for your use.

Hence, as long as you have a connection to the internet, you need not worry about content. Save, download, reuse, and repost anything as you wish.



InstaGet downloader software is your best friend when it comes to your Instagram content needs. Whether it is IOS or Android, this application functions smoothly on both. It lets you save videos so you can watch them anytime you like by reloading them into your Instagram profile. It covers not only saving and reloading but also downloading. 

One can easily download the content they like. It is the best Instagram story downloader out there. Apart from this, you can download all sorts of videos and photos also. And the most relieving part, with this application, you can anytime copy hashtags.


When you live in the digital world, exploring never stops. And when it comes to Instagram content and stories, downloading them may be difficult. Because Instagram does not provide any such option. As a result, you can always switch to a third-party downloader.

But it is not easy to find one that best suits your needs and is user-friendly at the same time. Some take extraordinary time in downloading process whereas some might cost a lot. And not to mention the ads are an additional burden. 

So, we made the job easier for you. You can refer to the above-mentioned Instagram story downloader and select the one that best suits your needs. 

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