10 Best Instagram Story Saver to Try it Once in 2022

best instagram story saver

Instagram is quite possibly the most well-known social media where almost all of its users extensively share every little detail and aspect of their lives – including their moments of happiness, travel memories, their everyday thoughts, and actions. You name it and it’s being shared! One of the significant highlights (pun intended!) offered by Instagram is the 24 hours story.

Instagram story, is another good option to gain popularity on Instagram, you can upload a picture, video, or a created post on your profile. This will be visible to other users only for 24 hours, after which it gets deleted automatically.

There is no such component offered by Instagram to date which can allow users to save and download the stories of others. Nonetheless, on the off chance that you want to save stories of somebody on Instagram that you may have liked, you can consider this extensive list of Instagram story downloaders that will help you with the same. 

We have investigated and chosen only the best Instagram story downloaders for you! To make it even easier, we have also included the links to download all these Instagram story downloaders.

Story Saver and Video Downloader for Instagram – IG

Instore - instagram story saver

Download It From Playstore

Story Saver and IG video downloader – IG is the most straightforward and simply the best IG Story saver application for Android users.  Now you will never have to worry about missing out on any content from your favorite Instagrammers.

With the help of this app’s easy-to-use interface, you can simply download all their stories, videos, posts, IGTV content as well as lives! Once downloaded on your device, you do not even need an internet connection to access these. Running this application is very easy. All you have to do is sign in using your Instagram account, look for the profile whose story you want to download, and browse their stories.

Once you find the photo or video on the story that you want to download, just tap on ‘Save’ and it’ll be on your device! There’s nothing to not love about this app and that’s why it is at the top of our list. However, it is important to note that Instagram does not officially own this app and it is privately owned. This app is available exclusively for Android users.

ReShare Story for Instagram

ReShare - instagram story saver

Download It 

ReShare comes with a unique feature that most of us have been waiting for. It is an app of premium quality offering you the ability to download Instagram stories smoothly. With this application, users are even permitted to share pictures and videos that were already in their profiles. All the content that you ever created – be it stories or posts is forever saved with this app.  It gives you the power to recreate your Instagram stories from even years ago! 

Another great feature of this app is that it allows its users to use Instagram as an anonymous follower. And in the world of social media, who wouldn’t want to have the power of anonymity! 

FastSave for Instagram (Android and Ios)

FastSave - instagram story saver

Download It From Playstore|Appstore

FastSave has been around for a relatively long period and has held its top position in the league of the best Instagram story savers. You can save stories from your Instagram to your phone’s gallery. This application is popular on both – PlayStore as well as AppStore. This application is free of any hidden costs and lets you download photos and videos without paying anything at all!

The look and feel of this app are quite similar to Instagram itself. Truth be told, it is like an assortment of photographs and accounts of individuals from your following list, which are accessible to you at the moment. You get to decide how many of those photos or videos you want to save.

To deal with all the downloaded media, FastSave provides you with a Dashboard along with the option to make an entire slideshow. Another brilliant feature FastSave offers are the ability to create a hidden folder within the app. With this, you can hide away all the media that you have saved and no one will be able to access it – even if they are going through your phone’s gallery! It is one of the Best Instagram Story Saver.


StorySaver + instagram story saver

Download It From Playstore

StorySaver+ has made the lives of its users much easier about downloading stories. It comes with several interesting features. 

Firstly, it lets you watch AND download stories and streams as many times as you want while being anonymous. What’s better? It even lets you download highlight stories of people. Along with that, you can also download all types of posts and videos of Instagram accounts. 

Even the option of downloading the display picture has been made available by StorySaver+. It does so in high quality and helps enhance the display picture. It also provides an in-built gallery within the application. Anonymity AND storage – this app has it all!

Download Gram


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Download Gram is another best device to download Instagram stories, pictures, and videos. You can utilize it on any gadget including iOS, Android, iPhone, iPad as well as PCs running Windows, Mac, Linux, and tablets. Download Gram is a site that is the most secure and is one of the fastest methods of downloading Instagram stories. It permits clients to download photographs, stories, IGTV, and Reel recordings. You can simply copy the URL of Instagram stories and paste it into the site and click on download.

Download Gram offers direct download of photos and videos from Instagram in a single click. It also allows multi-photo and multi-video downloads simultaneously. Another special feature is that you don’t need to download a specific app on your phone; you can simply access it via any browser on any device! And to top it all, it is completely free.

Story Saver for Instagram by Sara Tech

Story Saver

Download It From Playstore

Story Saver is a basic and helpful application with a rather easy-to-use interface. Story Saver will help you save Stories from Instagram quickly and effectively. You can view these later on and even share them on your profile! On the off chance that you would prefer not to utilize your profile to get to content, this app gives you another option.

In Story Saver, you can directly look for a user whose stories or content you are keen on without logging into your account. Then, any content from their profile can be downloaded to your cell phone memory or put on your Instagram page – but note that you will be required to cite the original creator of that particular content. This is necessary to avoid any privacy infringement or unauthorized use of someone else’s intellectual property.  

 Video Downloader for Instagram, Repost  – Insaver

Repost  - Insaver

Download It From Playstore

On the off chance that you are a functioning Instagram user, you are certainly mindful of the multitude of advancements and changes. The Insaver application upholds all cutting-edge Instagram refreshes – So how does the download cycle work? It is very straightforward. 

You already must have used the feature of sharing your video, recording, or story at least once with the “Share through” option. As of now, you can click on the three little dots which will give a list of applications. After you download Insaver, it will be added to that list!  What’s better? The quality will remain intact.


If you are not looking to download an application on your phone, then this is the right option for you! StoriesIG is an online, web application that lets you look for an Instagram profile and download their most recent stories. 

Simply go to their site and key in the Instagram profile you’re searching for. Make certain that you are spelling it accurately so it is simpler to look for.

On clicking enter, you can see every one of the stories they have created, and simply click on the story you need to download. You’ll at that point be diverted to the post where you can click ‘Download’ to save it on your phone or even on your PC. 

StoriesIG probably won’t be your primary choice, yet this is helpful in case you’re not actually into downloading stories from others. This is best for the individuals who simply need to download a story or two for work or examination purposes.

Story Saver for Instagram – Story Assistant

Story Assistant, just as its name suggests, is a helpful device for Instagram users who might want to handle all of the published content.

It is ideal for those individuals who approach more than one account simultaneously or are following somebody on the web.  Truth be told, Story Assistant represents no peril and permits users to get access to posted content even after it has been deleted or expired. 

You will have to start with downloading the application, next you will have to log into it using your own Instagram account.  The developers guarantee your personal information is not at stake in any way and everything is fully secured. The only thing you need to be careful about is making sure that you cite the original creators of any content that you will be reusing.

Insaver for Instagram by Euroz Software Company Inc.

InSaver will help you save everything in your phone’s memory and make the most of that content whenever you have the time to! Also, this app offers quick downloads, irrespective of your internet connection.

InSaver is a pretty straightforward app and does not have any unique features. But, it is great at what it does – downloading stories. You will need to copy and paste individual links from the posts that you want to save into the application. It is a rather time taking process as you cannot download several posts at once, but at least it gives great quality downloads.

Once you’ve pasted the link in the app, the download should start automatically. It will then be available in your phone’s gallery.