Twitter Ads Guide: How to use them To Level up: Twitter (2022)

Twitter Ads Guide

With millions of people using Twitter each day, advertising on Twitter can actually be a smart choice to generate leads and drive traffic towards your brand. About 70% of​​ Twitter users follow small businesses which make it a really lucrative platform to generate leads and see actual growth. With hundreds of millions of people tweeting daily and the Twitter algorithm ever in a whirl, your brand posts can easily get lost in the noise. This is where Twitter ads play a crucial role. Here is the full Guide For Twitter Ads.

Advertising on Twitter has its own perks! Your brand can reach heights and depths of new glory by basking in the world of Twitter advertising. You can reach new users who might be interested in your brand, build networks of consumers and reach a whole new plethora of leads. Even with a limited budget, Twitter ads can be an extremely effective tool to become visible to audiences that don’t yet follow you. 

If you’re not yet using Twitter for business-related purposes or want to get better at it, then keep reading. This guide will cover all the hows and the whys of Twitter ads, their various kinds, and how to use them better to make your endeavor outshine others.   

Twitter Ads Guide

Types of Twitter ads

There are many types of Twitter ads one can choose from to help their brand grow. 

Promoted Tweets

They look a lot like regular tweets but the only difference is that the advertiser is paying to display the ad to the people who are not following that advertiser on Twitter. These tweets can be liked, retweeted, and commented on just like regular tweets. But these tweets will always carry the mark of “Promoted” on the lower left-hand side corner. Promoted tweets can contain both photos or videos and will play the video automatically in a user’s timeline if it is less than 60 seconds after which it will loop. 

Promoted Accounts

Why promote just one tweet when you can promote your entire account! This type of Twitter ad lets you promote the account of your brand and targets those users who don’t follow you. Promoted accounts will display in unknown and potential followers’ timelines and the ad will also appear in the ‘Who to Follow’ suggestions and in search results. Promoted accounts will also display a ‘Follow’ button so that you don’t have to go through the hassle of actually opening the account; you can follow the account easily with just one click. 

Promoted Trends

The list of trending topics you spot on the right-hand side of your Twitter account is actually the collection of some of the most popular topics and hashtags that are trending. The only difference is that Promoted Trend is the spot purchased by a brand to specifically promote a trend to get more leads. You can spot a Promoted Trend under the “Trends for you” section in both Explore tab and in the timeline. When any user will click on that Promoted Trend, they will see a promoted Tweet from your brand at the top. It really helps in Twitter growth

In January 2020 Twitter introduced Promoted Trend Spotlight, an advanced version of Promoted Trends which supports videos, GIFs, and static images. Currently available in a few countries, Promoted Trend Spotlight has three times more clickthrough rate (CTR) than Promoted Trend and 113% higher ad recall rates. 

Promoted Moments

It can be hard to stand out from the crowd and tell your complete story. With Promoted Moments, you can curate longer content to tell exciting stories that will instantly catch your attention. You can collect notable Tweet conversations and live commentary and create a Memorable Moment. 

Automated Ads

Being new to Twitter advertising can be intimidating and confusing. You can always resort to Twitter Promote Mode which will automatically promote your tweets without any hassle. Twitter Promote Mode is essentially a subscription service that will create Twitter ads or campaigns to promote your content on Twitter. However, no good thing comes for free! It costs USD 99 per month and on average, your Tweets can reach as many as 40,000 people. 

A step-by-step guide to setting up your Twitter ads campaign

  • Set up your account

Begin by making your account on Twitter because your Twitter Ads account is connected to your Twitter handle. To make your ads account, log in to and go to At this address set up, your ads account, from where you’ll be able to promote Tweets. You can even use your existing personal account for promoting your brand. 

  • Choose your objective

Whether you’re old or new to the world of Twitter, an adept Tweep would always keep herself updated with what is happening in the world and what is the talk of the town. Connecting with people is at the center of what’s happening at the starting point of any good business strategy. 

As per Twitter itself, people buy brands they think are more culturally relevant. As per Twitter, there is a 73% correlation between a brand’s cultural relevance and its revenue while 25% of a consumer’s purchase decision is influenced by a brand’s involvement in culture.  

After you’ve successfully launched your account, figure out what you want to achieve with your Twitter ads. You can choose your objective keeping in mind Awareness, Consideration, and Conversion. Firstly, maximize your ad’s reach and pay per impression. Next, get people to watch your video for which you have to pay an amount per view. Pair your content with Twitter’s premium content and get more people to install your app. You will be billed if you want people to click on your app advertisement. If you want people to go to your website, then you’ll be billed per click. At last, if you want more engagement with your account, you have to pay for each engagement. Following in the footsteps of all the above-mentioned points will earn you more followers and enhance your user base. 

  • Set up your Ad group 

Get started with your ‘Ad group setup’ on your Twitter account that lets you decide your ad group, targeted audience, how long you want to run your campaign for, and bid type. As a novice to advertising on Twitter, you probably want to stick to one ad group. As you get more experienced, you can focus on multiple ad groups or split the existing ones to reach targeted audiences more efficiently. You can also choose how to pay for a particular ad group. For example, if you choose automatic bidding, Twitter will automatically set your bid to get the best results at the lowest price based on your budget. 

  • Target your audience

Suppose you run a women’s clothing business and your Twitter handle is replete with content about the same. But for some reason, you don’t engage that much with your women followers and your ad campaigns are not women-centric. Chances are that your followers will soon lose their interest and you may also face a decline in the number of followers.  

The targeting options help you choose the right audience for your ad campaigns and generate more revenue. Start with demographic targeting and then proceed to define your audience by gender, age, language, location, age group, etc. you must identify women based on demography as their demography can be a significant factor in determining which types of clothing they prefer to wear. Next can be their age group which can determine their preferences based on their age. 

The ‘Audience features’ section allows you to craft your ad campaign as per your user’s interests, behaviors, etc. you can even upload your list of people, for example, your contact or email lists, and choose to target people who you think are right. 

  • Choose the right ad placement 

Positioning the ad is as crucial as crafting it. It is important to place the ad where you think a user would notice it but it is also important to keep in mind that your ad shouldn’t become too intrusive. No user likes to see an intrusive ad when all they want to do is kick back with a cold beer on a Friday night, spending some leisure time on social media. You can choose an ad placement location from the right side of the screen and then click ‘Next’.

  • Launch your ad campaign

After you have carefully crafted an ad campaign, click on the ‘Launch campaign’ tab and launch your ad for the world to see. Be careful in launching your ad as making changes to it now and then can be an unnecessary disadvantage for you. But if you must, you can use Twitter Ads Editor for managing and optimizing campaigns in bulk. To use Ads Editor, navigate to ‘Tools’ in your ads account and select Ads Editor. It is a tool with which you can easily download your campaigns into an excel spreadsheet and edit them or create new campaigns altogether. After you’re done, just re-upload the spreadsheet into the tool to apply new changes. 

Additional Tips & Tricks for a successful campaign

Keep your ad copy concise and to the point

It is obvious that you may have a lot to say in your ad campaign but bear in mind that you have to curtail all that down within just 280 characters. As per Twitter, the best-performing tweets are only 50-100 characters long! Make sure that your ad campaign is short, concise, and delivers what you ought to convey clearly. 

Make your message clear and attractive 


With your ad campaign, you’ll be reaching thousands of users who are not already on your follower’s list. To catch their eye, you must include imagery or videos to make your message more nuanced. Users will also be interested in checking out your profile after seeing your ad, so make sure your profile is up-to-date and in great shape. This could be an important factor in deciding whether they want to engage with you in the long run or not. They get verified on Twitter to add a layer of credibility to your brand. 

Have a strong call-to-action

When you’re in the world of advertising, playing guessing games can actually prove to be disastrous. Don’t presume that people would get what you want to convey through your ad. Instead, be clear about your intentions and explicitly say in your campaign “follow us”. As per Twitter, this is the best practice for all Twitter ads campaign objectives.

Convey catchy offers and a sense of urgency

For this, promoting a limited-time offer or deal is a good idea. You could offer a huge discount on a first-come-first-serve basis too. Think about what makes your campaign truly unique and outstanding from the rest of them on the internet. 

In conclusion, change is good! But in the garb of introducing changes, keep in mind what is working well for you and keep enhancing it. Your work shouldn’t just stop after launching a campaign. Keep monitoring and optimizing your campaigns by periodically checking their performance and keep them apace on the path to success.

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