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HubSpot Vs HootSuite: Which Is Best for Social Media?

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Digital marketing is the new norm for businesses and social media is a major aspect of it. More and more brands have shifted to social media for promotions and gaining customer loyalty, and it works like wonders! This also means that there are more brands to compete with. To gain more visibility and traction on social media, one needs a very strong marketing strategy. However, it can be cumbersome to run a business and social media handles at the same time. As a fix to this problem, there has been a radical rise in the dependency on social media management toolsAmongst the plethora of tools available today, HubSpot Vs HootSuite are two recurring recommendations.

So let us find out what the hype is about. Or even better, let’s get to the chase that which tool is better for social media between HubSpot vs. HootSuite. This side-by-side comparison is here to help you see how both tools stack up against each other.

Here is a Complete Comparison Between Hubspot vs Hootsuite.

Platform Overview



HubSpot is an inbound marketing tool that helps clients in attracting audiences on social media and convert them into customers. The platform has gained more than 128,000 customers and 150+ HubSpot user groups. The software provides solutions for common problems of any business, such as sales, marketing, customer relations, and more.

Clients use this tool to create a delightful customer experience using its powerful yet easy-to-use features. Each Hub of the product is powerful, but the complete package covers everything that a business might need. Some of its high-profile clients include SoundCloud, Suzuki, Trello, and Survey Monkey.


hootsuite - HubSpot vs HootSuite

HootSuite is an all-in-one social media management tool that unites all social media activities in one central place. It consists of a set of features for marketing, management, monitoring, and engagements.

It lets you connect all social networks with all your applications so you never miss a beat. The tool is loved and trusted by more than 18 million marketers worldwide. Some of their high-profile clients include Melia Hotels International, Marketo, and SXSW. From the smallest businesses to large enterprises, everyone can profit off HootSuite with their simplified resources and tools. 


HubSpot is a cloud, SaaS, and web-based application with several integrations for higher accessibility. It has more than 940 integrated tools and apps in its database. Some popular integrations include WordPress, Zoom, Gmail, Vistia, and more. Some of its workflow integrations include 360NRS, SMS for HubSpot, and Ring.io. 

Users can also easily sync data using integrations like Google Contacts, Mailchimp, and Outlook contacts. Some of its marketing integrations include Databox, Lucky Orange, and Forminator.

It also has media bridge apps in its directories such as Wistia and Vidyard. To ensure privacy and safety, it is integrated with Cookiebot and Insycle Data Management. HubSpot has several other integrations like eWebinar, PandaDoc, Crossbeam, and Paycove. 

HootSuite’s functionality based on its integrations is no less. Besides being cloud, SaaS and web-based, the tool can also be used on android and ios devices. Users can connect all major social networks i.e. Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube. It is connected with sales-boosting tools like Panoramiq, Salesforce, and Shopview.

Users can succeed on Instagram using integrations like Adview, Instagram Grid. It is also integrated with Apps that market products like Shopview, Google My Business, and Airtable. Some of its other integrations include Canva, Zendesk Pro, and Social Hub amongst many more. Its unique feature is that users can also add their self-made applications to their directory. 


HubSpot’s features are not limited to social media only. It is a full-fledged integrated service provider. Users can perform social media tasks like scheduling posts, tracking engagements, content management, auto-responding, and more. HubSpot provides a centralized inbox for the management of all social networks.

Users can see, manage, reply, delegate, mention and a lot more. Besides social media, it provides services for sales, operations, marketing, customer relations, and service. It also provides services for leads like capturing, nurturing, segmentation, verification leads. It also has capabilities for email marketing, sales email automation, landing page creation, and automatic form builder.

They also lets clients keep a detailed record of their customers. Clients can follow the customer journey to help retain clients. Clients can track their conversions, ROI, and other metrics to make adjustments in their strategy accordingly. Users can track the number of patterns like buyer persona, visitor behavior, social media performance, and a lot more. 

HootSuite provides some of the best features for brands that rely heavily on social media. Clients can easily delegate work and assign tasks to team members. Users can easily schedule posts even from outside the platforms with the chrome plug-in. Their dashboard lets users get an overview of all social media channels to monitor posts and messages. Its drag and drop features make it very easy to plan campaigns and collaborate in real-time.

Using a single stream, clients stay on top of all incoming messages and share messages with a team with a single click. Users may dig in deeper, measure performance, and analyze results to know their brand impact. It also makes it very easy to promote organic content and manage paid ads. Users can also stay on top of market trends and gain an edge over competitors.

Customer Support

HubSpot has several comprehensive guides to help users in navigating the platform. These include blogs, eBooks, guides, free courses, certifications, and the inbound methodology. Users can also join the Partner Program and HubSpot User community for benefits and guidance.

Besides this, HubSpot has onboarding and consulting services. Users can also hire a service provider for more in-depth issues. For general issues, users can get in touch with their team using their live chat support and call support. 

HootSuite has provided its users with hundreds of free resources. These include blogs, social media trends section, resource library, case studies, and webinars. Users can also take up their courses and certifications. Users can also get in touch with the HootSuite Tea using social networks like Facebook and Twitter. Or, one can directly generate a ticket and drop a message through their website. 

Plans And Pricing

Hubspot Pricing

Hubspot Pricing

HubSpot offers several plans catering to different services. Hence, its plans and pricing can understandably be quite complicated. Users can choose different ‘hubs’ as per their needs to get started. HubSpot offers a free bundle kit for CRM tools, sales tools, marketing tools, operations tools, and service tools.

These free services never expire and can be accessed by teams. For its paid Marketing plan. The Starter plan starts at $45 per month billed annually or $50 month-to-month. The Professional Plan starts at $800 per month billed annually or $890 month-to-month. The Enterprise plan starts at $3200 per month annually.

For the Sales Hub, the Starter plan starts at $45 per month annually or $50 month-to-month. The Professional plan starts at $450 per month annually or $500 month-to-month. The Enterprise plan starts at $1200 per month billed annually. The Sales plan and Customer Service plan have the same pricing.

For its CMS plan, the Starter plan starts at $23 per month billed annually or $25 month-to-month. The Professional plan starts at $360 per month billed annually or $400 month-to-month. The Enterprise plan can be availed at $1200 per month billed annually.

Lastly, we have the Operations plan starting at $45 per month billed annually or $50 month-to-month. The Professional plan starts at $720 per month billed annually or $800 month-to-month. 

HootSuite Pricing

Hootsuite Plans

HootSuite offers its users 3 plans covering a range of features. The plans are pretty straightforward to comprehend. Users get a 30-days free trial for their Professional and Team plans.

For its Enterprise plan, one can request a demo. The Professional Plan costs INR 1260 per month. It consists of basic features like unlimited posts and scheduling from 10 social accounts. The Team plan costs INR 6600 per month. It consists of some additional features like managing team access and roles for 20 social profiles.

The Enterprise plan offers custom solutions at custom pricing. It is more tailored to the personalized needs of different agencies and corporations. It has several advanced features like team performance reports, social advertising, propriety support, and several new integrations. 


There it is, all the points that you need to consider to decide which platform is the best. As we can see, both platforms offer their unique benefits. There are some features common to both tools, primarily their social media features. However, the right tool will depend upon your requirements.

Comparing the features of both tools, HootSuite has better features for social media management. So if your goal revolves around social media marketing, you may want to start with HootSuite. On the other hand, HubSpot would be a better fit if you are looking beyond social media marketing.

Since it has several features for sales, operations, and more; it can assist you much better in overall business tasks. When it comes to the price and budget factor, HootSuite is a clear winner. The tool has plans that are affordable and easy to comprehend. However, HubSpot offers free plans for users with light usage that are just starting.

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