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5 Most Useful Social Media Campaigns of 2023

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 When you talk about a social media campaign, you refer to a structured marketing strategy that is coordinated over social media platforms. These are meant to assist your business goal or reinforce a program that you have planned for your brand. Campaigns change a lot according to the target audience, as well as whether the goals are long-term or short-term.

Irrespective of all this, a social media campaign would always try to minimize the expenses. However, there is a lot to do before you execute your campaigns. You need to define your social media campaign goals, as well as the platform it is on- like Instagram and Facebook. Common goals include increasing website traffic, improving brand engagement, as well directly driving sales.

Here are some social media campaign ideas that you can make use of:


Webinars are one of the most important social marketing campaigns we have witnessed so far. They highly help you create more prospects and leads. Further, you can establish your expertise, nurture the existing relationships, and build new contacts as well. As many as 83% of marketers have found that webinars are highly effective.

Webinars produce a lot of social media engagement because most participants create live tweets, and posts, take part in Instagram lives, and so on. Therefore, they generate online conversations through highly organic means. At the same time, webinars will create ways for you to learn further about your market and help you create better content.

Utilizing Influencers

Social media creates a great opportunity for you to share experiences, insights, and unique services with the world. However, it is possible that many people already have access to a larger audience than you do. These social media influencers might not in any way be a part of your brand, but collaborating with them will help you reach maximum people effortlessly.

89% of marketers say that Return on Investment through influencer marketing is much better than any other channel. Digital media collaborations deliver 11 times more returns as compared to paid media. This tops our social media campaign ideas.

Influencers provide unique content for your product and give a fresh outlook to your traditional ideas. It has been shown that as many as 50% of consumers make a purchase based on the recommendations they receive from social media icons or influencers. Again 19% of marketers spend $1000-10,000 simply on influencer marketing. Further, 17% of companies often spend more than half of their total ad spending on influencers. Clearly- this is a big deal in the social media market.

Example: Wayfair is a furniture retailer that often makes use of user-generated content as part of its social media strategy. They post user images with links to their outlets- thus making it easier for audiences to visualize the role of the product within their habitat. At the same time, you get a verified customer testimonial

User-Generated Content

We have already given Wayfair as an example of a brand using UGC. However, this point needs further elaboration. User-Generated Content is highly popular, considered more fun than other forms of engagement, and gives back higher responses. A great social media campaign example could be the one used by General Motors.

GM used the famous Tahoe campaign in 2006 and asked people to give out videos of their humorous moments with any desired product. They even offered a prize for the best clip. As reported by Wired Magazine, because of the Tahoe campaign, the microsite was able to attract as many as 629,000 visitors. Moreover, every user spent more than 9 minutes on the sourced site.

Further still a third of these users went to the home site Sales naturally boosted up after that point. Despite environmentalists protesting the campaign due to vehicular pollution- GM noted a very high raise in everyday engagement.

UGC also has the benefit of helping you save time on creating more posts for your site. You get free content from costless sources, that are considered much more credible! In this situation, there cannot be a better win.

Consistent Engagement as Social Media Campaigns

The most attractive feature about social media has been that it allows more interaction than any other place. There can always be a two-way dialogue with the brand- which is something the consumers always appreciate. Therefore, each time you engage with your audience- they will trust you more, consider you a part of their personal lives.

Hence, the extent of individual penetration in a customer’s life becomes maximum through engagement. Of course- this includes replying to comments, answering queries, and answering DMs.

However, there are other social media campaigns available too:

  • Polls
  • Competitions
  • Quizzes
  • Live Streams
  • Interactive Stories (Instagram, etc.)

The live streaming industry recorded a yearly earning of $70 billion in 2021. Twitch is the largest live streaming platform that has as many as 30 million daily visitors. Posts that are directly related to Instagram contests have been able to generate 64 times the comments of a regular post. Also, they get 3.5 times the regular likes and as much as 91% of these posts generate comments higher than 1000 in number! 

On the other hand, Instagram stories are used by as many as 36% of businesses available today to promote products. One of the most popular Instagram stories is the ‘inside look’ which has the highest viewer rate of 22%. Another surprising thing is that Instagram stories in particular are famous among Gen Z.

This generation is soon to have the highest global spending power and as many as 70% of Gen-Z members view stories from their popular brands.

Brand Utilities

Now brand utility means that you do not advertise your product, you simply give your consumers a utility application that directly adds value to their lives. Now, if this utility can fulfill its purpose (which should be your prime concern), then users will naturally adopt this application and get inclined to favor your brand over others.

For Example- Estee Lauder happened to launch a utility campaign, called- “Shine a Light on Breast Cancer”. Many families and breast cancer survivors were compelled to create posts that gave a message of hope. Large communities across the globe were connected- and the foundation was the brand Estee Lauder. Again, utility applications do not have to be ‘apps’ or ‘widgets’.

For instance, the highly popular Nike+solution is a CLUB! This is a virtual community that can help people improve their run time through real-time coaches available on audio. People often use it to track distances, compete and compare with peers, while also sharing their journey with other people through statistics provided by the club.

Nike has been able to engage millions of people simply through this campaign, which has not taken a form of an app with as many as 10-50 million installs.


Podcasts, as you might already know, are audio files. These are accessed by users through syndicate technologies such as the likes of RSS. Strictly speaking, many people would not consider it social media. However, since YouTube, Instagram, and Spotify allow you to create podcasts channels or posts-this is an integral part of social media. Podcasts are one of the most effective ways to share brand information with your audience.

Moreover, they feel more personal since they are more candid, spontaneous, and humane. Many times podcasts can take the forms of celebrity discussions and even interviews. One of the most successful podcasts the social media world has witnessed is the Butterball Turkey Talk Podcast.

Here are some Podcast statistics you might be surprised to know:

  • There are as many as 850,00 active podcasts with a total of 48 million episodes.
  • 51% of Americans have reported that they are regular listeners of podcasts
  • As many as 25% of consumers that are above 55 listen to podcasts every month
  • A weekly podcast listener might spend as many as 6 hours and 39 minutes listening to podcasts every week.
  • 40% of total podcast listeners are under the age of 55.

Social Media Campaign Examples

Now that we have had a look at different forms of social media campaigns that are generally in use, we shall also see how many campaigns have performed through history. Perhaps these social media campaigns examples and their working structure may help you improve your strategy as well.

Facebook’s Social Media Campaign by Carlsberg

To show their support for Liverpool FC during the finals of the 2019 Champions League season, Carlsberg went on to create a unique red beer. This special red beer matched their football kit and to promote it properly, Carlsberg utilized its network of global fans through Facebook.

All through Facebook networks, its sponsorship was celebrated and its commitment to Liverpool FC was highlighted- making it a personal favorite of many fans. As an integral part of this campaign, Carlsberg even shared a direct video capturing the manager of Liverpool FC Jurgen Klopp. The video was not only shared with fans but also with significant influencers who further spread the word!

During May and July 2019, this campaign was able to:

  • Get 19 times the return of total ad spend
  • It created a 7.2 lift in the association between that of Carlsberg and Liverpool FC.
  • There was also an increase in Carlsberg Web Traffic by 9 times!

Facebook campaigns can be very engaging and captivating to an audience. They enhance web traffic and improve brand awareness. Moreover, this is the kind of collaboration that keeps a brand in the mind of its audience much longer after the campaign has ended. It becomes a part of the popular culture if successful enough.

Red Bull’s Social Media Campaign on Instagram

Whenever we hear the term “gives wings”- we are instinctually made to think of the brand Red Bull, which has somehow inscribed this amazing phrase into our minds. Red Bull is ranked 69 on Forbes’ list of the most powerful brands in the world as of 2020. This energy drink is available in about 170 countries and it should not be a surprise that they have sold well over 60 billion cans of this famous drink.

The brand also launched a special summer edition drink and wanted the right means to promote this unique product and idea. So what did they do? Since Red Bull has always been known for its simple approach to brand building, it started by launching a promotional teaser. This was done only a short while before their summer hit was launched.

They aspired to get the audience to note the can new look. Hence they picked the color yellow and incorporated yellow filters through a range of videos and images to give a natural association to ‘summer days’. As a result, Red Bull came to be associated with the hashtag “ThisSummer” twice as often as any other brand promoting products at the time.

The campaign was able to:

  • See a 10-point lift within the sector of top of the mind awareness
  • There was a 9-point lift in brand favorability
  • The unconvinced market dropped by 7 points
  • They were able to reach as many as 1.2 million consumers.

 Auto Trader’s Campaign on Twitter

In case you do not know Auto Traders happens to be the UK’s and Ireland’s biggest online marketplace. The goal of this campaign on Twitter by Auto Trader was to raise awareness during the 2018 world cup through the hashtag #AutoTraderGoals. Now, the brand itself was not among the sponsors of the World Cup.

However, it clearly set itself as the target of beating off any official sponsors on social media simply by trending above them. This was basically a sports marketing campaign. They had an alluring offer where they offered a car, free of any cost, each time England managed to score a goal.

Based on England’s earlier performance in The World Cup- people naturally expected that there was little chance of many free cars being distributed in the country. However, they used a highly well-thought-out and structured Twitter campaign to build people’s interest. As luck would have it, England performed much better than expected by the general public- so the humor and excitement around this campaign grew naturally without much push from Auto Traders.

Now, this is considered one of the most successful Twitter campaigns to date for certain reasons, for instance:

  • Twitter provides the most readily responsive audience of sports fans with a demographic containing more males as compared to females.
  • Since England performed better than anyone’s expectations, the campaign caught on a humorous tone. The company itself promoted the pretentious idea that the company’s Finance Director was having a mental breakdown on account of giving away free cars. They would humorously support other teams and sarcastically claim that they were in support of other teams.
  • The hashtag was able to support the campaign so well because it provided certain memorability. As a matter of fact, this campaign trended much higher than those of actual Sponsors including Coca-Cola. Every time there was an England match, people from across the world resorted to using this hashtag.
  • The company even received support from other brands who created parody tweets in order to share in the seasonal fame of Auto Wagon.

Jamie Oliver’s Food Tube Campaign through YouTube

Jamie Oliver runs a YouTube channel providing tutorials, recipes, along with funny content, and guest appearances. This campaign aimed to build a community of interactive foodie followers. Food Tube made use of striking branding, a captivating channel trailer, as well as well-strategized playlists. They included variable content like ‘Cooking with Kids’ and also ‘Staying Healthy’.

All videos contained a description rich with keywords, a clear title, and a great thumbnail image to draw in viewers. The campaign not only proved to be engaging but also kept the viewers scrolling and browsing more videos. As a result, Jami Oliver’s Food Tube is among the most reputed YouTube channels and has about 5.5 million subscribers.

This is a social media campaign example that clearly showcases the power of keyword search, YouTube optimization, and the importance of SEO.

Final Words:

A social media campaign must come with many good practices, creativity, and absolute optimization of the chosen digital platform. There are various things you must keep in mind when creating successful social media campaigns. These include providing ample action gates where users might interact with your account. Providing enough incentives in the form of prizes, features, discounts, or special amenities.

At the same time, social media campaigns have to be planned according to the target audience and their most relevant digital platform. Oftentimes, you might also need to create a campaign that is spread throughout multiple significant social media sites. Whatever you choose or decide, the article above can give a good start to your research. Go through it once again, and stay tuned to our website for similar content.

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