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10 Best Social Media Contest Apps to Gain More Reach in 2023

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  5. 10 Best Social Media Contest Apps to Gain More Reach in 2023

While there are many marketing methods and tools used by different social media users to convince other users on those platforms to make ‘XYZ’ purchases, a social media contest is a seamlessly popular technique of attracting targeted traffic to your social media profiles. As much as this method sounds painfully taxing, running a social media contest has actually become a relatively easy task with the rapid rise of several apps that assist social media users in organizing social media contests Apps. Mentioned below are the,

Best Social Media Contest Apps:


woorise - social media contest apps

Woorise is an exceptionally well-put online lead generating and marketing platform that helps social media users, especially small businesses, curate various social media campaigns and run several customized social media contest Apps. At Woorise, you can conveniently create social media contests, landing pages, engaging forms as well as giveaways of your choice to collect leads and close sales.

The app offers four types of plans that can be bought for a minimum period of a month or a maximum period of a year. The first plan is the Free Plan through which you can create unlimited viral campaigns to generate 500 entries per month. This plan is free of cost and comes along with email support. The second plan is called the Basic Plan which costs $23/month through which you can create unlimited viral campaigns to generate roughly 2000 entries per month. This plan comes with email and chat support as well as without the Woorise branding.

The third plan is called the Grow Plan which costs $39/month through which you can create unlimited viral campaigns to generate as much as 5,000 entries per month. This plan comes with email and chat support, integrations, email notifications, and without the woorise branding.

The last yet the best plan is called the Pro Plan through which you can create unlimited viral campaigns to generate a whopping minimum of 20,000 entries per month to a maximum of unlimited entries per month and the price for the same ranges from $79/month to $960 per month.



Woobox is an extended plugin or a widget that you can embed in your website to easily curate several types of social media contests, giveaways, polls, surveys, etc for your website as well as social media accounts.

You can use the app to interact with your audience in multiple interesting ways. From organizing excellent social media campaigns, running engaging social media contests, creating landing pages, and embedding pop-ups, you can use Woobox in various ways to appeal, draw, and engage targeted audiences to the best of your capability.

Woobox is trusted by over 4 billion brands that rely on it for executing highly effective and competitive Social media marketing campaigns. The five plans that Woorise offers are – Free, Basic, Standard, Advanced, and Power plans that come with distinct features. The free plan is of course free of cost through which you can run unlimited social media contests for a month and attract 100 participants. It comes with a winner picker tool and Facebook tabs.

The Basic plan is priced at $37/month through which you can run unlimited social media contest applications to attract roughly 1000 participants. This plan allows you to access all types of campaigns as well as customize with the builder. The standard plan has the same features except that it is priced at $32/month and through it, you can attract unlimited participants per month. The advanced plan is priced at $99/month and comes with advanced customization options, multiple business support, and can be shared by up to 5 team members.



Extending its services over all the major social media networking platforms, Easypromos is easily one of the best social media growth services providing platforms where you can effortlessly create giveaways and contests to create engagement and brand recognition like never before.

It is an incredibly reliable website that allows you to achieve your business goals through several interactive marketing methods such as gamification, data collection, customer loyalty, product promotion, brand awareness, UGC, etc. Easypromos offers 38 mobile applications that assist you in running countless campaigns and contests on specific social media platforms, and remain compatible with all mobile devices.

Through it, you can also automate your promotions and follow-up, and analyze contest data to qualify leads. Additionally, at Easypromos, you can also customize all aspects of your campaign designs, add branding to user-generated content. Besides, it has nearly 30 predefined languages and multilingual promotions. Above all, it also comes with an anti-fraud system consisting of 11 security controls to help you minimize fraud as much as possible.

You can buy the Basic Plan with 6 included apps for either $29/month or $290/year. The main features of this plan include Instagram, Facebook, Twitter Giveaways, and up to 5,000 comments. The Basic Pro Plan that has 7 included apps remains priced at $49/month or $490/year. The main features of this plan are that along with the Instagram, Facebook, Twitter giveaways, it comes with multi-network giveaways and unlimited comments.

Through it, you can organize customized games and prize wheels, photo, and video contests, as well as manage discounts and coupons. The White Label Plan priced at $399/month or $3999/year includes multi-stage promotions and CSS customization. It also has multilingual features, provides you with your personal domain, and comes without the Easypromos branding.



SweepWidget is a well-put website that offers a host of interesting services. From custom design and branding, viral sharing campaigns, leaderboard competitions, email, and social media campaigns, through SweepWidget you can tailor attractive contests to swiftly gain social media followers, generate a lot of leads, and tremendously increase your website traffic.

Through Sweepwidget you can incentivize contests in a variety of ways to attract customers through multi-tiered prizes, instant coupon rewards, and much more. It also supports as many as 103 different languages that allow you to reach out to a much wider audience. From huge enterprises, mediocre businesses to startups, SweepWidget caters to all types of clients and helps you create giveaways/contests in less than 60 seconds.

The Pro Plan costs $29/month and helps with increasing email lists, followers, and leads across social media platforms. It allows you to manage 1 brand and comes with a style editor + prize image. It has 19 newsletter API integrations, multilingual support, customer form fields, secret code entries, and offers up to 100 winners per giveaway.

Through it, you can manage 2 brands, leaderboards and give out instant coupons and rewards. It comes with Zapier integrations and offers up to 250 entries per giveaway. The Premium Plan priced at $99/month, remains relevant to clients interested in re-branding their widgets with a custom logo. Through it, you can manage 3 brands and restrict entries by location.

It comes with complete white labeling, a custom logo, custom CSS, and masked referral links that too without the Sweepwidget branding. The plan has API access, custom SMTP and allows you to accept payments with Stripe/PayPal, upload contest entries with CSV, and also allow only whitelisted emails to enter contests if need be.


Vyper - social media contest apps

Vyper is a professional and highly revered app that remains trusted by over a thousand companies worldwide. You can use it to create engaging giveaways to foster brand loyalty and boost traffic to your social media platforms. Creating viral giveaways that increase engagement and revenue, and generating referral/reward programs for your brand is now exceptionally easy with Vyper through its high-converting UX & UI. It also has an interesting dashboard that allows you to view your campaign as an outsider.

You can use it to create campaigns without an external landing page builder, you can also embed campaign sign-ups on landing pages you own outside of Vyper as well as create intercom style widgets if you would like to. Interestingly at Vyper, you can test services for free for as long as you like that too without entering any credit card details. The app provides its services through two standard plans called the Enterprise Plan and the Agency Plan.

The Enterprise Plan is a terrific plan recommended for clients interested in some serious marketing business. It costs $149/month and offers up to 30k leads/ month as well as allows you to remove branding, use your own domain or subdomain, and track up to $30,000 revenue generated by Vyper per month. The Agency plan, on the other hand, is recommended for clients interested in managing up to 10 different brands and costs $299/month. It comes with all enterprise features with up to 120k leads per month and you can use it to track up to $120,000 revenue per month and create about 10 sub-accounts.


Agorapulse Contests - social media contest apps

Agorapulse is a distinct app that you can use to seamlessly run social media contest specifically on Facebook. The App has several features that make creating Facebook timeline contests a cakewalk. It is one of the best applications out there that you can use to reward your audience on Facebook to maintain brand loyalty and drastically increase audience engagement.

By running Sweepstakes, Quizzes, and Photo contests directly on your Facebook timeline, you can effortlessly attract genuine followers to your Facebook page from across the world through Agorapulse. The App supports four languages, namely – English, French, Spanish, and Portuguese and offers remarkable features to get your contests up and running.


Wishpond - social media contest apps

Wishpond, an incredible all-in-one platform, caters to all your business marketing needs and helps you reach out to new customers as well as remarkably increase sales without making a huge hole in your pocket. Not only is it affordable but also trusted by over a thousand brands worldwide.

It has almost all the features required by the clients to organize contests on various social media platforms, boost sales, generate new leads, and grow their businesses swiftly and smoothly. You can create interesting contests or campaigns by yourself or also get yourself personal marketing experts from Wishpond such as copywriters, Facebook and Google Ads experts, video editors, graphic designers, SEO specialists, and much more to phenomenally growing your business in an organized and professional manner.

You can acquire services from Wishpond through three plans called the Starting Out Plan, the Everything You Need Plan, and the Rapid Growth Plan. The Starting Out Plan costs $49/month that includes unlimited landing pages, social contests, and pop-ups, email drip campaigns, unlimited user accounts with social media automation, and a maximum of 1,000 leads.

The Everything You Need Plan costs $99/month that includes all features of the Starting Out Plan, A/B Testing, Custom CSS & Javascript, API Access, and a maximum of 2,500 leads. The Rapid Growth Plan costs $199/month includes all features of the Everything You Need Plan and additional first-in-line customer support with free implementation coaching, and a maximum of 10,000 leads. And for the best part, all of these plans come with a 14-day free trial.


Gleam - social media contest apps

In addition to being the most used Business Growth App, Gleam has an excellent user interface that makes navigation and service acquisition a smooth ride. Having powered growth for over 45,000 customers across the world, Gleam remains a highly credible social media services providing platform that has 4 unique apps to help you run social media contest in less than 3 minutes.

You can also use it to organize interesting games asking users to complete pre-defined actions to unlock instant rewards. Gleam can also be used to build aesthetic and well-planned user-driven content and photo galleries within minutes. You can also create rules-based email capture forms that integrate directly with your email provider for refined and specific contests/campaigns.

It has a vast variety of actions, integrations, and widgets to help you curate exclusive social media contest without any hassle. At Gleam, you can either buy a full package inclusive of the 4 apps starting at $97/month or you can buy each of the apps separately for different prices. The competitions app that you can use to easily set up and run giveaways, contests, and sweepstakes to drive user engagement can be bought at a starting price of $10/month.

The Rewards app starting at $29/month can be used to create unlockable rewards, coupons, and much more upon certain action completion. The Galleries app also starts at $29/month that you can use to collect, curate, and display well-planned content to attract customers more efficiently. And finally, the Captures app that also starts with $29/month can be used to target specific messages and opt-in forms to certain users at fixed times to build email lists and grow your businesses.


KingSumo - social media contest apps

Kingsumo is a simple and easy-to-use app and online platform that you can use to create giveaways in the easiest, efficient, and time-bound manner. It also provides 3 key tips upon registration to help you understand and master the basics of social media contest organization and execution.

These 3 proven tips help you run successful campaigns even as a beginner with no prior experience in contest or giveaway organization. You can use the Kingsumo app to generate massive leads for your brand with viral, interesting, and fascinating giveaways as well as contests.

In addition to automatic and inexpensive lead generation, you can use Kingsumo to give bonus entries for additional actions taken by your audience. It also allows you to embed a widget or the full giveaway on any site. Besides, it also makes generating an email list easy after email collection and also automatic mid-giveaway and final 24 hours reminders to intrigue your customers and keep them glued to the contests.

While the Web App remains free of cost that includes unlimited giveaways, integrations, and embeds on any site, the Web App Pro can be purchased for $49 for a lifetime period that includes all features of the Web App and additional tools that allow you to upload your own logo and translate giveaways.


Shortstack - social media contest apps

Shortstack, a commendable social media service providing apps can be used to create contest, giveaways, landing pages, websites, and emails to curate tailored marketing campaigns and attract users from around the world. From organizing comment-to-enter sweepstakes, hashtag giveaways, to embedding your site without developers, and building stand-alone landing pages, pop-ups as well as mini websites, Shortstack remains a one-stop solution to all your marketing needs.

You can also challenge visitors with puzzles, quizzes, and spin wheels to make contests interesting and memorable for them. In addition, you can also reward them with scratch cards, coupons, and other fascinating and unique prizes. Shortstack provides its services through 4 plans called the Business Plan for $99/month that includes a maximum of 10,000 entries and 50,000 Instagram views, the Agency Plan for $249/month that includes a maximum of 50,000 entries and 2,50,000 views.

the Brand Plan for $499/month that includes a maximum of 5,00,000 entries and 2,500,000 views, and lastly the Enterprise plan for more than 5,00,000 entries and 2,500,000 views. All these plans have distinct features that allow you to organize various sets and types of contests, giveaways, or campaigns.


Social media today is a powerful platform that when used rightly can prove to be extremely profitable. It is not just beneficial to influencers, musicians, aspiring celebrities, and all sorts of artists but is equally beneficial to small as well as established businesses.

Almost everyone today is on the internet, actively interacting with people from across the world through various social media networking platforms and this easy accession to such a huge audience is precisely the key to every entity’s success. Social media contest apps can help you attract these users and keep them hooked to your platforms in exchange for the giveaways and contests with fascinating rewards.

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