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10 Best Social Media Contest Tools To Run Giveaway In 2023

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  5. 10 Best Social Media Contest Tools To Run Giveaway In 2023
Social Media Contest Tools

The best way to keep your audience engaged is by organizing contests, with exciting prizes at the end. Since everybody is programmed to be competitive and like free stuff it is important to understand how to conduct contests on your social media profiles. In this article, You will see some of the best Social Media Contest Tools.

Since organizing contests and giveaways are also a great way to invite a new audience on board, it is one of the must-try methods for every social media marketer out there. And if you’re interested in exactly that, then you’re in the right place.

Today we are going to talk about the ten best social media contest tools to run giveaways and contests. Since the popularity of social media has skyrocketed in the past decade, it has become very important to know of good tools that can help you achieve the best results. So without further ado, let’s begin.

Best Social Media Contest Tools:


Sweepwidget - Social Media Contest Tools

Speaking of the best social media contest tools to run giveaways, you just can’t miss out on sweepwidget. Sweepwidget is one of the leading contest tools in the social media world. This is because they make it easy to grow your followers, likes, comments, and whatnot.

They have 90+ ways to get in entries in a competition and can be embedded directly into your blog or website. On top of that, they also have a tonne of API integration from top social media platforms in the industry. Speaking about the type of contests you can run through this tool is limitless.

All of these services are premium and have to be paid for, but they’re worth every penny. Speaking about the contest building process, sweepwidget has made it very simple.

All you have to do is drag and drop services that you need and voila you’re done. For advanced designing of the contests, they provide you with an advanced design editor and a custom CSS editor as well.

Once the competition is done and dusted, sweepwidget will show you the results in a very neat format, which you can then download on your device in a CSV format. All of this does not come for free as we mentioned as you have to pay $29/month for the basic plan. If you haven’t tried their services, we highly recommend you do so.



Shortstack is one of the best all-rounder contest tools to make giveaways happen. Shortstack’s robust platform design and the functionality that it comes with, make you like it as soon as you start using it. Having more than 30 templates to start building your contest on, short stack carries a few of the best templates in the industry.

This is what makes us commend short stack so much. As their proof of work, great lakes recently ran a social media contest on their Facebook page through the short stack and saw more than 200,000 entries throughout.

This is the level of professionalism they work with. Also, they have a ton of options to cater to your demands. For example, if you are looking to generate leads, then short stack lets you get their email addresses and their contact information. If you’re trying to get them on your follower base, then a short stack makes it a necessity for them to follow you on your social media platforms to enter the contest.

On top of that, short stack is very simple so that even technologically inept people can use their services. With its innumerable API integrations, shortstack is the perfect all-rounder partner for all your social media needs.



Vyper is one of the best referral marketing platforms in the industry. Since they have great content marketing strategies and a ton of contests to run, they are the perfect solution for your Instagram page. They also acquires for being the best social media management services.

Vyper is a great platform to run contests like viral contests/giveaways, user-generated contests, milestone contests, and leaderboard contests as well. Their versatility is what makes them special and hence is a highly recommended website to use in time of need.

Vyper is a great platform because it has a lot of ways to get you more leads and referrals. This is made possible by the bonus points vyper gives to the people who recommend your page to their peers and more. This is why vyper is widely used as a lead-generating platform in the social media world.

Their analytics tool is great and lets you see and analyze the results of a contest you just conducted and hence reward the winners. They let you download all the results in a CSV format, which is great to keep a track record and hence is perfect for your business. However, they do not offer their services for free.

You have to purchase the basic plan that costs $149/month with up to 30,000 leads. If you haven’t heard their name yet, then we highly recommend you to check them out.



Next on the list, we have gleam, a website that resembles the sweepwidget app we discussed previously. Similar in functionality, gleam offers one of the most robust varieties of contests to take a part in and hence is the perfect place to get started.

Since gleam offers a ton of features like API integrations, a lot of people actually prefer using this website. Also, they guarantee some form of growth with every campaign that you launch on gleam because that is the end goal of a giveaway.

Gleam is much better than other such websites because it makes sure that the participants are doing what they’re supposed to do and hence makes your effort even more successful. Building campaigns and contests on gleam is a cakewalk and hence is a must-try.

Since filling out a gleam form is easy, sometimes requiring less than two clicks, gleam is the perfect place to get your traffic through when conducting a contest. Speaking of the results, when the contest is over you receive the entire analytics of the process and you can negate entries on your own.

The entire results can be compressed into a single CSV file which makes it very easy to understand. Overall gleam is a must-try website for beginners and intermediates in the social media world alike.



As the name suggests, this social media contest tool is made to help you outgrow your competitors. Outgrow is a platform that carries a bunch of features that are very helpful for running your social media contests and hence is the perfect solution to all your giveaway problems.

Outgrow is a website that helps you build, configure and analyze your campaigns and optimize them for maximum results. Apart from the building process, you get access to 1000 pre-built templates you can tinker on and hence customize your entire experience.

Outgrow is great for adding tools that will help generate you leads in the long run and makes sure that the participants have fulfilled the requirements of the giveaway to move forward. They also let you customize the color of the form that you’re sending, add logos and personalize everything as you like.

Coming to analytics, the analytics tool is also great because it shows the tiniest of details and automatically rejects entries that do not meet the requirements. Then you get to select a winner from the CSV file you receive. Overall, outgrow is a must-use app for your social media contests.


Rafflecopter Social Media Contest Tools

A person who is familiar with conducting Instagram contests must know about rafflecopter. This website is the simplest website to launch your contests from and hence is the perfect place to get started. According to stats, you launch a contest in under 3 minutes, which is quick.

Speaking of the additives, you can add a lot of customizable features like one-click integration and custom targeting as well. This is done to meet one or a few specific requirements of your contests. For example, if you’re looking to grow your Instagram followers, then you can build a campaign such that the people who follow you on Instagram get more than one entry.

This encourages people to follow you on Instagram which is very important to improve your audience base. Rafflecopter also has preset templates which help you build on better campaigns and contests on your own. Rafflecopter is a great option for anyone willing to grow their social media.

However, their services aren’t for free as they have three plans in total. The basic plan will cost you $13 a month, the grow will cost you $43 a month and the premium will cost you $84 a month which is pretty affordable for small businesses.


Agorapulse Social Media Contest Tools
If you’re familiar with Facebook marketing, then you might have heard this name before. Agorapulse is primarily known for its analytics and management tools, which are highly accurate, but they also have services related to today’s topic of discussion.

Agora pulse has a ton of contest services like Facebook Coupon App Etc. on top of these services, agora pulse also offers a ton of CRM services and help in brand integration as well. Majorly designed for Facebook, agora pulse is a website that can genuinely help you organize better contests throughout.

If you have never tried their services, we highly recommend doing so. However, their services aren’t free. You have to pay about $200/month for an unlimited participants list which is what makes the difference.


Woobox Social Media Contest Tools

Next on the list, we have woobox. This social media contest tool is pretty much like a short stack with a few extra features. Woobox has a few readymade contests for giveaways like personality tests, polls, voting contests, and much more.

However, if you dont want the default contests, you can also build contests by dragging and dropping tools from their website, since it is very easy to curate contests and giveaways, the majority of newcomers in the social media contest world, use their website for the same.

On top of the ease of use, they also have a ton of brand integrations and API, which helps you make your content even more interactive than others.

If you want to increase your followership and grow on social media, the woobox is the direction we’d point you towards. Since there are a lot of other websites in the competition that may not be as helpful, woobox is a very professional website.


Rafflepress Social Media Contest Tools

Rafflepress is yet another popular social media contest tool that has great advantages over other websites in the niche. It is a website that allows a ton of brand integration without hampering the aesthetics of the campaign. This means they have a ton of templates to choose from, which makes them versatile and hence makes your contests even more visually attractive.

Also, it picks a winner randomly to keep the contest fair and hence gives you a copy of the results in a CSV file. Overall, raffle press is a great tool to make your campaigns perform better on social media.


woorise Social Media Contest Tools

Last but not the least, woorise is also a great social media contest tool that can help you grow your social media above and beyond. Woorise is a great tool for people who are beginners as this is easy to use and get familiar with the concept of giveaways.

Woorise has a ton of features and options to choose from, which makes it very versatile and hence a great app to use. You can build a giveaway by just dragging and dropping tools from the website and also improving them visually. Woorise is a great website for people who want to grow on social media by using giveaway tools.


The websites mentioned above are the best social media contest tools on the internet and hence we highly recommend you try them out. We’re sure you will find what you’re looking for in these websites and services, which will substantially improve your social media game. Till then, keep scrolling!

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