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SocialPilot Vs Coschedule: What Is Worth To Buy In 2023

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  5. SocialPilot Vs Coschedule: What Is Worth To Buy In 2023
SocialPilot Vs Coschedule
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Over the past few years, the world has seen a big boom in the world of digital marketing, and today, everything’s all about the content you create. However, it’s not as simple as putting out a blog post at any random time. To be effective with your content marketing endeavors, you need a plan, a system, and the capacity to execute on it consistently. This is where social media management services come into play. Consider this scenario- SocialPilot VS CoSchedule.

You are part of an advertising agency. You are running 6 different projects together, 3 are just getting started, 2 are in the middle of execution, and 1 is complete, as soon as you receive the final payment it can go live and You are totally caught up with the 3 new projects, exhausted and running behind your schedule, making last-minute decisions, and overworking your team as well. Try as hard as you may, time will simply run out and you just CANNOT catch up. Sounds excruciating, right?

Thanks to technology, we now have solutions to save ourselves from such situations and manage time effectively. In this blog, we will compare two of the leading solutions – SocialPilot and Coschedule and help you choose what’s best for you.

Unique Features



Here are some unique features that set SocialPilot apart!

Customized Facebook Branding

Whenever something is shared utilizing automated instruments like Buffer, HootSuite, or some other planning tool, Facebook shows their logo (application name) alongside the post. Utilizing SocialPilot, you can put your own marking so it doesn’t look computerized and assist you with pushing forward your brand. Customization and adaptability can likewise make the framework work as per your business rules, which is a serious advantage when it comes to scheduling software.

Schedule In Bulk

With SocialPilot, you can smoothly schedule posts in bulk by uploading a CSV file with 500 posts. It’s a helpful component for advertising agencies who require customer approval for all social media content and have an extensive number of posts scheduled for each day. This is the feature that puts SocialPilot in the league for big enterprise-level clients.

Collaboration Supported

Not only will SocialPilot work for your team, but it will also work along with your team. You can easily onboard a team member to collaborate with you let them give their input by sharing documents, communicating, and thinking of useful business strategies. SocialPilot doesn’t charge per colleague, so go ahead and incorporate however many members as you need.

Visually Appealing Social Media Calendar

Social media calendar helps to advertise agencies and different clients to envision their social media sharing techniques to make them more imaginative and productive. SocialPilot is a top-of-the-line accomplice for portraying positive and negative marketing trends.

Brilliant Browser Extension

SocialPilot offers a browser extension for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari which empowers you to share interesting content from anywhere on the internet. They likewise can utilize the extension to share posts from their Facebook newsfeed and Twitter timeline. One of the interesting highlights of the browser extension is that it allows you to schedule images from Canva as well. This extension incredibly coordinated service that can mix in each software design.

Analytical Reports

SocialPilot gives amazing and easily comprehendible social media analytics to allow you to work on your social media showcasing and proficiency. SocialPilot’s Social Media Analytics is not exclusive to content posted using the platform, you can analyze any of your social media content posted from anywhere.

Client Management

With this feature, you can without much of a stretch deal with your clients’ social accounts bother-free. You do not need to keep waiting for your client to furnish you with their account credentials or make you an admin. With SocialPilot, as a Social Media marketing agency you do not need any sensitive information regarding client accounts, all management can be done without it!



Following are Coschedule’s unique features that we absolutely love, and we are pretty sure you will too!

WordPress Integration

Probably the best element of the CoSchedule content schedule is that it incorporates beautifully with WordPress.

When you link your CoSchedule account with your WordPress through their plugin, you can start drafting and planning WordPress posts directly from the calendar.

You can draft another blog entry by tapping the pencil symbol in any data block. Type out your title and hit the Continue button and you will be given various choices for the blog entry:

  • Choose the category.
  • Pick the author.
  • Schedule for a particular date/time.

This post is then added as a draft inside WordPress with every one of the settings you’ve chosen. WordPress in itself provides loads of settings and controls, when you add CoSchedule to the mix, you can do even more. Following are the additional features you can add to your blog with this integration:

  • Choose a color, this is beneficial if you’re into color-coordinating posts based on categories.
  • Comment with thoughts, notes, and so forth.
  • Create and allocate tasks for the post.
  • Attach Files.
  • Schedule sharing on other social media platforms for after it’s posted.
  • Utilize the headline analyzer to test your post title.

This is the absolute most remarkable blog entry apparatus there is. However, it’s exclusively for planning, collaborating, and distributing blog entries.

A – Z Of Content Marketing

Exactly like Buffer, Hootsuite, TweetDeck, and other social media management platforms, CoSchedule permits you to oversee and plan social media posts for various online accounts. The reward, however, is that you get the advantage of a stunning visual calendar.

You can integrate the following wide range of platforms:

  • Twitter.
  • Facebook (Profiles, Pages, and Groups).
  • LinkedIn (Profiles and Company Pages).
  • Tumblr blogs.
  • Google+ Pages (using Buffer integration).
  • Pinterest Profiles.

You can add anywhere between 5 to 100 social media accounts, depending on the package you purchase. Team members can likewise add individual accounts that are accessible only to themselves.

This makes CoSchedule the most impressive social media planning tool there is if your requirements lean towards collaborating creating strategies along with your team.

“Content” Feature

Coschedule has introduced a feature simply called “Content”, it goes beyond just blog entries and social media posts. Content currently permits you to design, schedule, and team up on absolutely any type of content.

Just make a new piece of content, type your title and you would then be able to browse 20 unique symbols to demonstrate what sort of content you’re creating.

Some of the types that you can label your content as are as follows:

  • Inspirational articles.
  • Tutorials.
  • Vlogs.
  • Live video.

The opportunities for the kinds of content truly are limitless. This can help even if you only use it as your team’s designing and collaboration tool instead of creating digital content.

There are three different kinds of things you can add to the scheduled posts—events, notes, and tasks. These three configurations are the most fundamental ones and you will need them at some point, for sure!


The most effective way of comparison is via pros and cons, and next, we have done exactly that.



  • Highly affordable.
  • Supports a very wide range of social media platforms including TikTok.
  • Offers most of the social media management features including Social Listening.
  • Detailed analytics.
  • Options available for Resellers.
  • Curating and designing content.
  • Bulk scheduling with pictures.


  • Analytics lacking for Instagram.
  • Free version not available.
  • Unsteady link with LinkedIn.



  • Headline analyzer tool is very helpful in testing out your titles before publishing.
  • Blog posts can be well organized and progress can be tracked using the Notes section where you can make a note of all relevant items and links.
  • The monthly calendar view provides a broader perspective of all the scheduled posts.


  • Distracting pop-ups on the website in very short intervals of time.
  • Some social media platforms like Pinterest missing.




SocialPilot offers a generous 14 day trial period where you can cancel anytime, no credit card details required and you can start your trial immediately.

Following are the pricing packages:

  • Studio: $85/month.
  • Small Team: $42.5/month.
  • Professional: $25.5/month.
  • Agency: $127.6/month.



Coschedule also offers a 14 day trial period for which your credit card details are not required.

You can subscribe to use their service of the Marketing Calendar for $29 per user per month. If you wish to utilize the rest of their marketing suite, you will have to contact them directly for pricing.

Socialpilot Vs Coschedule – Which One To Choose?

SocialPilot is rich in features and offers competitive pricing. It is a one-stop social media management system for individuals and small enterprises. Smooth publishing, usability, excellent analytics services, and collaboration features with effective filters to keep all your social media content well organized. Coschedule on the other hand is more suited for larger and well-established enterprises. As their services are not really cheap, if you decide to go with Coschedule, you need to make sure you have a big budget set aside for your social media marketing requirements.

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