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Sprout Social Vs Sendible: Which One Is Better For Social Media

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  5. Sprout Social Vs Sendible: Which One Is Better For Social Media

In today’s digital era, the dependency on social media platforms is inevitable. Social media networks have taken hold of so many major aspects of life. From checking the news to running a business to sharing major happenings of our life. As social media makes everything available at our fingertips, it has also become a great way to market and advertise. Having a social media presence for brands and businesses is no longer optional, it’s a mandate. In this article, You will read about the full comparison Between Sprout Social Vs Sendible.

As a result, social media marketing has become a huge industry in itself. This has made it very challenging for people to wear multiple hats. From content curation to boosting, there’s so much to be done after all. The cumbersomeness of the process has led to the emergence of various social media management tools.

These tools take care of a number of tasks from post-scheduling to content analysis. There are several tools available at our arm’s length today. Sprout Social Vs Sendible are two resourceful examples. If you are looking for the right fit for your business, we are here with a detailed comparison between Sprout Social and Sendible

Comparison Between Sprout Social Vs Sendible:


  • Sprout Social

Sprout Social

Sprout Social is a powerful all-in-one social media management platform aiming to unlock the full potential of organizations. Awarded by top-tier software reviews, the tool is a leader in terms of ROI, usability, and user adoption. The tool is trusted by more than 30k world-class brands and organizations.

Some of them include Unicef, Shopify, Subaru, and Columbia. The platform is very data-driven and provides a host of resourceful features. Its software solutions are designed with the entire functioning of businesses in mind. 

  • Sendible


Sendible is an all-in-one social media tool that makes it easy for businesses and marketers to promote and analyze their brands across social media. The tool brings all social networks into a centralized hub to seamlessly execute social media tasks.

This productivity tool is trusted by 30,000+ brands, agencies, and marketers. Some of their high-profile clients include Expedia, NHS 24, Texas A&M University, and Deaf Minds Education. Its range of automation features has simplified work and eliminated so many unnecessary and monotonous tasks. 

  • Integrations

Sprout Social provides the most necessary integrations for its clients. It covers all basic social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, Reddit, and LinkedIn.

Users can also monitor and manage Trip Advisor reviews, Glassdoor, and Shopify. Besides these, the tool is also integrated with a few other business platforms for easier access. These include HubSpot, DropBox, Google Analytics, Drive, SalesForce, Slack, Zendesk, and many more. 

Sendible integrations cover some of the largest social networks globally. This includes Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube Pinterest Tumblr, and LinkedIn. It is also integrated with other content curation platforms like WordPress, Flickr, and Canva. Its other integrations include Google Analytics, Google Drive, Google My Business, and Dropbox. 


Sprout Social features are here to change the way you see social by transforming the way you do business. It directly targets and offers solutions for social media managers, marketers, analysts, strategies, and customer care agents. Their engagement features allow users to streamline and scale monitoring with their unified social inbox.

Users can also plan, manage and publish content and campaigns as a team. The tool facilitates strategic decision-making with access to analytic and rich social data.

Using Sprout Social, users can uncover trends and actionable insights from social conversations. They also have an Employee Advocacy feature to empower your team to become brand advocates. The tool has different platforms for analytics, engagements, publishing, listening, automation, and collaboration. 

Sendible allows users to free up their time using their powerful publishing features. Users can schedule tailored posts individually or in bulk and see those in calendar view. It let users visually draft and prepare calendar months ahead like campaign ideas, seasonal promotions, etc.

They also provide a nifty previewing feature to double-check hashtags, find the perfect length and make sure the post appears as intended. Within minutes, users can get quick insights to see how their content is doing.

This includes best time to post, top posts per platform, etc. Users can either create custom reports or use pre-designed templates. Users can build an  n ad responding to brand mentions, messages, and comments. Their powerful features also facilitate collaboration, lead generation, and social listening. 

Both Sendible and Sprout Socials share some common features. Sendible also provides some additional features like scheduling, campaign segmentation, configurable workflow, leads, template management, and mentions. However, additional features provided by Sprout Social include communication management, conversion tracking, influencer tracking, negative feedback management, and task planning. 

Usability And Customer Support

Sprout Social has a lot of resources available on its website enabling easy usability. Their platform is very straightforward to understand and operate on. Other than that, they have a Demo tab on their website. Other than this, some of their other resources include blogs, resource centers, learning portals, case studies, and webinars. In case of queries, clients may get in touch with their team using phone or email support.  

The customer support, reachability, and connectivity with the Sendible Team are incredible. Their website also has several resources that clients can go through. These include guides, templates, blogs, a podcast, how-to library, and social media holiday calendars. Like Sprout Social, Sendible offers phone and email support. Other than this, users can also reach out to their team using live chat and tickets. 

Plans And Pricing

  • Sprout Social Pricing

Sprout Social Pricing

Getting started with Sprout Social is free for a limited time. Sprout Social offers its users a 30-days free trial to get started with. After your trial is over, users can pick a suitable plan and enter payment details. The tool offers three paid plans for its users. Users can avail of the Standard Plan for $89 per month, billed annually, or $99 month-to-month. This plan includes all basic features like publishing, scheduling, calendar, reporting, and more.

The Professional Plan costs $149 per month billed annually or $169 month-to-month. This includes some additional features like competitive reports, custom workflows, trend analysis, and CRM software. The Advanced Plan costs $249 per month billed annually or $279 month-to-month. It consists of special features like automated link tracking, digital assets, content library, message spike alert, and more. 

  • Sendible Pricing

Sendible Pricing

Like Sprout Social, Sendible also offers its users a free trial. Users can take a demo for 14 days before getting started with their paid plans. Sendible offers 4 professional plans for its users. The Creator Plan costs $25 monthly on an annual basis or $29 month-to-month. This plan lets users manage 6 social profiles with basic features and one-click reports.

The Traction plan costs $76 monthly for annual billing and $89 month-to-month. Users can manage 24 profiles, and streamline content curation and content creation for teams. The Scale plan costs $179 per month annually or $199 monthly.

Here, users can manage 49 profiles with workflows and recurring reporting. The Expansion Plan costs $240 per month annually and $399 monthly. This is for large agencies with 105 profiles with content customizing and other advanced tools.


Both Sprout Social and Sendible are incredibly powerful tools for effective and seamless social media management. The functionality and features offered by both tools and somewhat similar. Both have a user-friendly interface and features like publishing, social listening, and analytics. So Here is all about the full comparison between Sprout Social Vs Sendible.

However, there are some additional features provided by Sendible that aren’t offered by Sprout Social. Similarly, Sprout Social also has some special features. All these features make it quite challenging to choose the better tool for social media posts. So the perfect tool for you will also depend upon your requirements.

Another important factor is pricing and budget. Sendible offers an additional plan with very affordable pricing. Its other plans are also marginally cheaper than Sprout Social. Sendible also offers live chat, which may make it a better option for non-tech-savvy people. The final decision depends on your usability and preference.

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