10 Best Fake Influencer Check Tools to Know the real Ones (2022)

Best Fake Influencer Check Tools

Influencer marketing has been around for a long time, however, it has become increasingly popular in recent years. Previously, influencers could only be found on TV or in magazines, and unlike social media, TV and newspapers have a limited audience, resulting in a situation where a small number of celebrities might demand a large sum of money to produce an ad in order to influence others. Keeping fake influencer check tools also becomes of a lot of importance. 

Everything changed with the introduction of social media platforms. There are no limitations on the Internet; there may be as many influences as the world requires. They might be of any age or socioeconomic class, and they can specialise in any field (or no area of expertise). They also have the ability to work with any brand.

Fake followers artificially exaggerated metrics, and spam accounts have all risen in tandem with the development of influencers. That big influencer you’ve been eyeing for collaboration might have a considerably lower “actual” following than their stats indicate.

It’s like broadcasting your message to a room full of cardboard cut-outs when you share your product or service with an influencer who has a high percentage of phoney followers. Although the chairs are filled, no one is actually present.

What kind of followers do they have?

The most apparent place to start looking for fakes is among an influencer’s followers. But what exactly are you looking for?

It’s easier than you may think to spot the initial symptoms of phoney followers if you’re prepared to conduct more than a cursory examination.

First and foremost, do their following appear to you to be genuine, engaged users? If your influencer is followed by accounts that don’t have a profile picture and have never posted anything, you may assume they’re phoney.

Perhaps some of their followers have a profile picture but have never posted anything and usernames that sound suspiciously like spam. Go a step further and discover who the influencer is following when you look at their followers.

Look for any followers that are following ‘fan buying’ accounts, since this should raise red flags that this influencer is utilising fake followers to inflate their numbers. This way fake influencer check becomes very important. 

Here are some tools to assist you to keep a fake influencer check -:


klear - fake influencer check tools

Klear is a high-end tool designed for influencer marketing. it analyses influencers’ demographics and psychographics and divides them into 60,000 topic categories. Because it’s essentially a database of influencers, the search is quick. The influencer lists may be filtered by social media network, audience size, talents, geography, keywords used, and demographics of both the influencers and their audiences.

it’s finding skills are two times more focused than any other tool available. Advanced filters let you browse through profiles and zero in on the ones that are most relevant to your business. Klear discovery is a tool that works for you rather than against you.

Segmented creator discovery is possible by location, language, industry, #hashtag, specialised subject, previous partnerships, pricing range, available contact data, impact level, and more, thanks to sophisticated capabilities.

Ascertain that you’re collaborating with influencers who will have the most impact. Klear’s AI-powered technology detects fraudulent followers and auto-bot engagements, guaranteeing that your influencer’s following generates genuine value. By concentrating on the metrics that matter, you can ensure that your ads target the individuals who are most interested in your business. in today’s life its a very important tools to check fake influencer


Upfluence - fake influencer check tools

Another influencer marketing tool is Upfluence, which has a database of almost three million influencers. Upfluence also attempts to differentiate between genuine and phoney influencers. It may also immediately display the influencer’s fee for posting on YouTube and Instagram. You may also evaluate brand affinities, cultural interests, and more for Instagram influencers.

Discover your most influential consumers and identify appropriate influencers for your company using the most advanced influencer identification and search tool. Lists may be easily created and exported. With AI suggestions, you can improve your influencer selection.

Create as many influencer lists as you like, then manage them all with our Upfluence Software. Make a list for each of your campaigns and purposes (i.e. influencer lists for YouTubers, Fashion bloggers, etc).

To get the best search results, use particular keywords, social media platforms, community sizes, engagement rates, languages, nations, exact geolocations, and demographics. Find the top influencers for your target demographic by using simple keyword recommendations.



Heepsy was created in Bilbao, Spain, in 2016. Its mission is to deliver the greatest Influencer Marketing platform on the market to its customers. Influencer marketing is a method that companies are increasingly employing to promote their products and services through people who have a big number of followers on social media.

Their consumers are their main priority, and they work hard to create long-term and meaningful connections with them through their platform. Heepsy has a database of seven million influencers, each with at least 5,000 followers. Heepsy removes questionable and fraudulent accounts from its database, as well as the posting frequency and growth rates of influencers.

You may use parameters like category, location, interaction level, and more to find the influencers that are best for your company. Heepsy calculates influencers’ cost for each post to help you save time. This helps in keeping a fake influencer check. Heepsy is the most effective tool for finding influencers. Heepsy strives to deliver an accurate, user-friendly, and cost-effective search tool to its customers. It Is one of the Best Tools to check fake influencer.


ninja Outreach

This is a tool that will assist you in locating influencers across a variety of channels. It’s a database, so after you select your speciality and area, the tool will present you with a list of suitable influencers, along with social media accounts and contact addresses. NinjaOutreach also shows how engaged each influencer is, as well as how much each influencer charges each post.

Filtering Through Millions Of Influencer Insights To Find The One That Grabs Your Target Audience’s Attention may help you develop effective influencer marketing campaigns. In any niche and location, you may find business profiles and social media influencers. Simply type your keywords into their massive influencer database to find millions of profiles and email addresses.

Fake influencing is becoming more common as the influencer industry expands and becomes more professionalised. With NinjaOutreach’s built-in CRM, you can weed out the phoney influencers. In this sector, the top companies are increasing their marketing budgets. They are here to help you grow your business on solid foundations with transparency and hard Data.


Group High - fake influencer check tools

“The world’s largest blogger database,” according to GroupHigh’s website. Its main objective is to locate bloggers and provide contact information for them. As a consequence, you’ll be able to discover suitable influencers using those contact data, which include social media accounts and also filter out the relevant influencers and keep a fake influencer check. 

The blogger index, which includes easy-to-digest content overviews, contact information, and reaches data, is the core of GroupHigh. Users have the option of creating lists of content providers based on specialised topic knowledge, social presence, total reach, and geography.

One of the most prevalent pain points with influencer marketing is organising and managing a brand’s marketing connections. Marketers can easily import their current connections and manage them all in one place with GroupHigh, creating a solid foundation on which to develop.

GroupHigh also looks for influencers on the three most popular channels for influencer marketing today: Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. The technology identifies “loyal” and “engaged” influencers while excluding phoney accounts. For each influencer, the app displays engagement rates and recent material.


awario - fake influencer check tools

Awario is a social listening platform that offers businesses access to data that matters to them, such as customer, market, and competitor insights. It’s being created by a start-up based in Belarus with operations in Cyprus and California. Awario began as a little side project and has now grown significantly. Social media influencers and bloggers are ranked by Awario based on their reach, amount of followers, and daily blog views.

This is a useful tool for locating brand ambassadors and specialised influencers. You may follow the most active advocates and watch for mentions of your own brand to receive the list of the former. To compile a list of the latter, keep an eye on industry keywords (e.g., “time management app,” “time management tool,” “time management software”) as well as your rivals’ branding.


Trackkr - fake influencer check tools

Traackr is an influencer marketing platform that manages the whole process of influencer marketing, from identifying social media influencers to analysing campaign success. 

Influencer marketing has the potential to help businesses bridge the gap. Influencers provide a unique lens through which a business may connect with its audience and win their trust. They’ve created a culture that encourages their employees to put all of their efforts towards fixing their clients’ concerns and growing their companies through influencer marketing. It is their approach that brings order to the chaos.

Because of its own influencer database, the tool makes finding influencers very simple. You may filter the results by the influencer’s social media network, subject, language, region, age, gender, and brand affinities while looking for the influencer who best matches your brand. The influencer’s followers may be filtered in the same way which this tools helps to keep fake influencer check 



BuzzSumo is a content and influencer finding platform. The two are frequently linked: niche influencers are likely to generate the most popular material in your field. You may also use BuzzSumo to identify authors and artists on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and the web who have engaged audiences. The programme analyses post engagement and categorises influencer accounts by kind, such as blogger, influencer, or journalist.

Who are the folks who others pay the greatest attention to? Who’s postings garner the most social media shares? Knowing who has the public’s attention and trust might help you figure out who you should pay attention to and recruit to your cause. 

This is the bare minimum of Buzzsumo’s capabilities. It all comes down to saving you time, improving your success, and assisting you in planning each stage of your content marketing strategy. It will assess your efforts once you’ve planned and put things into action, providing you the opportunity to fine-tune the process.


hypeauditor - fake influencer check tools

HypeAuditor assists agencies, companies, and platforms in making their influencer marketing initiatives more effective. Based on reach, demographics, audience language, geography, age, gender, and engagement, HypeAuditor discovers influencers that are appropriate for your company. HypeAuditor, like many other technologies, focuses on determining whether the influencer is genuine.

Investigate social media influencers and obtain data for any account or channel. Use advanced account analytics to determine the quality of their audience. Examine all relevant information before deciding on the ideal influencer for your marketing strategy. Discover which influencers are genuine and which are not. When utilising such techniques, a fake influencer check becomes quite important.

They’ve created a cutting-edge system that makes the influencer marketing industry more transparent and fair. The objective of HypeAuditor is to use a data-driven methodology to assist businesses develop amazing and effective influencer marketing programmes. 

The most advanced fraud detection technology, as well as trustworthy multi-source audience data and analytics. Search among 10 million influencers in the world’s fastest-growing influencer database for highly precise and trustworthy results. Maintain influencer connections and track the results of your efforts.It Is one of the Best Tools to check fake influencer.



BuzzStream began as a simple link-building tool, but it quickly evolved into much more. it’s now a relationship-building platform with an integrated influencer search engine. The tool identifies influencers based on relevant internet material for your keywords. As more businesses embrace content marketing, an ever-increasing amount of content competes for attention.

Its objective is to assist businesses in establishing the relationships with influencers necessary to get attention, promote word-of-mouth traffic, boost search results, and raise awareness. The tool also includes capabilities for team collaboration and the ability to track campaign results.

Create intelligent influencer profiles that include contact information, social media analytics, recent posts, notes, and influence metrics. Recognize who has the audience and who you can rely on to move the needle on your campaign.

Make sure you rely on the influencers who are real and keep a fake influencer check. Track and manage your influencer connections, as well as any placements you receive. Take the tedium – and endless spreadsheets – out of tracking and reporting the effectiveness of your campaign.

With a comprehensive view of conversation history, notes, tweets, recent posts, social data, and more, pitch your content to influencers. You’ll be able to pitch more quickly and obtain the attention your material deserves.

Which tool do you think you should go with?

Influencers and bloggers on Instagram may be a valuable asset to your business, but only if they’re genuine. Fake followers and bots are used by certain influencers to boost their follower and engagement rates, eroding their capacity to influence the right audience and diminishing their actual worth. It would be a waste of time and money for your company to collaborate with them.

You may find out who the influencer’s followers are by looking at their profiles and who they follow in turn. Most importantly, considering the potential advantages of identifying a good influencer for your company, it’s critical to do these rigorous inspections in some way. If you don’t have the time or skill to accomplish this, utilise any of the tools listed above and include them into your marketing process on a regular basis so you know who you’re dealing with.

The majority of the tools on this list are designed particularly for separating actual followers from fraudulent ones, as well as influencer marketing from start to end. If that’s your objective, try a few different ones and pick the one you like most.