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How to See Private Instagram Profile: 5 Quick Solutions

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How to See Private Instagram Profile
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If you are here reading this post, we’re sure there must be someone ‘XYZ’ whose Instagram profile you’re willing to keep an eye on secretly. It may be a case that you were friends with ‘XYZ’ earlier and now it’s not the same. You still may want to look into ‘XYZ’s profile, view their posts & stories, and track what’s up with them. If the person’s Instagram profile is public then you can do so very easily. However, there may be a case where the profile is private and you aren’t one of their followers or are not willing to follow in the future. In such cases, you may find it a tough nut to crack to see their profile secretly. Well, you need not worry as in this guide, we’ll exactly tell you how to see a private Instagram profile.

What is A Private Instagram Profile?

If you’ve been using Instagram for a while, you must already know that privacy is a priority for the giant. Just like other social media platforms, from time to time, Instagram keeps introducing new and updating existing privacy features. Instagram has one common feature like other social media platforms, which is “Private Accounts”. 

Under this feature, users on Instagram can switch their profile to “Private” from “Public”. Once users switch their profile to “Private”, their account is set to private. To explain it further, it means that only your approved Instagram followers get to see and engage with posted photos, videos, stories, etc.

Users get more control of their privacy and get to hide all of their content from users not following them. Whereas as you may or may not know, users with a “Public” profile don’t have much control and anyone on the platform can see their content.

Now, as you know very well what are private profiles and who can access content on such profiles, it’s time we move further. We finally come to the part for which you’ve been waiting for so long, which is how to see a private Instagram profile. 

Let’s start with the ways or tricks for private Instagram profiles without any further ado. 

Follow Requests

Follow Requests - how to see private Instagram

As you may already know, sending follow requests is the first thing to do to check anyone’s private Instagram profile. Well, this way is suitable and perfect only if you’re comfortable letting know others person about you by checking their profile.

In this, all you need to do is just search for the profile on Instagram, click on the profile, and tap on the follow button. By sending follow requests, your part comes to an end, and now, you just have to be patient throughout. The very moment your follow request has been accepted, you will be able to see the private Instagram profile.

Google search

Google search - how to see private Instagram

Now, if you don’t want to follow this personal profile, you need not worry as we’ve got an alternative. You must not be aware of this, but before users switch their profiles to private, they leave trails of their posts with image search engines. It means that these trails are used by search engines like Google to create a library of their previous pictures.

There are often posts made from these profiles before switching to private. Hence, you can simply enter the image into “Google Image Search” and if you are lucky that this profile left some traces, you’ll be able to find all that out.

Ask A friend

The next best alternative to seeing a private Instagram profile is to ask a friend who’s already following the person. If you know of any mutual friends or anyone who’s following the profile, you can simply ask them to see it.

You can simply ask your friend or that person to let you look at the account. If that’s not possible, you can even ask if they can save and forward the profile’s posts to you.

Fake Instagram Account

If you tried all the aforementioned alternatives, but are still unable to see a private Instagram profile, this one will definitely help you. In this alternative, you need not follow a profile directly or rely on a friend, rather, you can do it all on your own. Although it’s slightly on the unethical side to create a fake Instagram account, almost every other person has one.

So, even you can easily go for creating a fake Instagram account and make use of it to see private Instagram profiles. However, there still lies a limitation to this one, which is you can’t see a private profile if it doesn’t accept your fake profile’s follow request.

Third-Party Services

So finally, next we’ll be discussing the ultimate way that doesn’t has any limitations or drawbacks. The method will help you easily see private Instagram profiles seamlessly. 

There are tons of third-party private Instagram viewer apps out there. However, most of these third-party Instagram private profile viewer apps are a more or less waste of time. Hence, we picked only the ones worth it and recommended you go for only these aforementioned apps. - how to see private Instagram is undoubtedly one of the best view private Instagram app options in the series. You can literally see any of your preferable private Instagram profiles without even a single issue. The best part is that is free to use.

Not just this, you need not also be required to complete or attend any surveys to use the app. Lastly, works easily on various operating systems including Windows, Android, and iOS.



PrivateInsta is yet another great Instagram viewer app that you can use on platforms like Windows, iOS, Android, OSX, etc.PrivateInsta is one of the most user-friendly private viewer apps out there in the market. 



As the name suggests, this view private Instagram app pretty much rips down privacy walls and helps you see profiles. You can rely on this app to keep an eye on the private Instagram profiles of your choice without much trouble or hard work.

Be it on desktops or smartphones, you can easily use this app on both by simply downloading it from InstaRipper’s official website.

How To See Private Instagram – FAQs

Can I See Private Instagram Profile For Free?

Yes, with the aforementioned tips & tricks and third-party apps, you can see private Instagram profiles for free.

Is It Possible To See Private Instagram Without Following?

Yes, seeing a private Instagram profile without following is possible. It isn’t possible if you go for the aforementioned tips and tricks as in all of them, you need to follow the person first. However, with the third-party tools we just discussed above, you can see a private Instagram profile without following it.

Do Private Instagram Viewer Apps Work?

Yes, if you are relying on the right apps, then it definitely works properly and is worth it. We would suggest you rely on Instastories. watch, InstaLooker, PrivateInsta, and other aforementioned apps for this case. 

Would like to warn you to stay away from any cracking or spyware tools out there. We say so because most of them may help you and some may even cause serious threats to your security and privacy.


With all these said, we come to the end of this guide on “ How To See Private Instagram Profile”. Above, we’ve covered everything that’ll help you spy on some private Instagram profiles without any struggle or issue. From various tips and tricks to third-party private Instagram viewer apps, above, we have covered it all.

We’re pretty sure now if you want to check out photos, stories, videos, etc., from ‘XYZ’s private Instagram profile, you’ll be able to do so very easily. Lastly, make sure to save this guide and share it with others looking to see a private Instagram profile.

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