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How to Turn on Comments on YouTube?

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How to Turn on Comments on YouTube
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Online video watching is simple thanks to YouTube, a free streaming video platform. Even better, you can make your personal videos to post and share with others. San Bruno serves as the home base for the international social media and online video-sharing platform YouTube. It began as a great resource for sharing instructions, information, and experiences. But many people have dedicated their entire lives to creating content exclusively for YouTube. Managing your Youtube comments well is essential if you want to get the most out of being present there (with moderation, responses, and analysis).

Interacting with comments has the additional benefit of elevating yourself in the YouTube algorithm in addition to demonstrating to your followers and fans that you care about the things they have to say. Youtube Videos that receive a lot of likes, comments, and moderation typically rank among the search results.

Features of YouTube

The first website to really pay users was YouTube. It’s a location where content creators can genuinely establish substantial enterprises and sources of income. The way that social networks are taking in terms of users and creators is a reaction to the creative economy that YouTube sparked.

When people share content on their YouTube channel, there are many features that YouTube provides. Which is for both the content creator and the audience. For example, the like and dislike buttons show whether the viewer liked or disliked the content. It also helps the content creator to understand the choice of the audience.

A comment from a subscriber on one of your videos is a lovely feeling. A supportive note or even a witty quip can brighten a writer’s day.

Yet, not all YouTube users are polite. Some people will comment rudely or disrespectfully without obvious cause. When the vitriol becomes too genuine, it’s preferable to disable comments rather than taking it in.

How to Turn on Comments on YouTube

When it comes to activating comments on videos, you have two choices. All videos can have comments turned on by default, or you can turn them on or off for specific ones.

How to make comments default-enabled

  • First, visit YouTube Studio.
  • Use your favourite web browser to access YouTube and sign in using your Google account. Select YouTube Studio first from option that comes after you click your profile photo in the upper right corner of the website.
  • You should choose Defaults, then Community.
  • Then choose your default options:
  • If you are on the Community tab, click “Comments on your channel” and select your default options.”
  • There are chances that Community tab doesn’t show up then, select “Comments on your new videos” as your normal option for new video uploads.”
  • Choose “Save”.

You can change the settings to enable all comments, hold all comments for review, and block comments completely. The default setting is to hold possibly unsuitable comments for review before publishing.

You can approve YouTube comments if you select the “hold all comments for review” setting on your channel.

You can also add moderators, approve or hide particular users, adjust the filter to restrict particular words, or, if you prefer, keep the automated filter on.

Activate or Deactivate comments for particular videos

If you’ve ever observed, any video that’s also tagged as ‘Designed for kids’ doesn’t enable people to add comments. This functionality can be used to allow or disable comments on particular YouTube videos.

Anyone who views a video on YouTube that has been marked as “Private” is not permitted to leave a remark. Before users can leave a remark on your video if it is set up that way, one must alter its nature to “Unlisted” and send them the URL.

To find the correct way to activate comments regarding a particular YouTube video, use the procedures below:

Step #1: Proceed to the Content Page.

Use the method previously outlined to access YouTube Studio, then choose Content from the navigation menu on the left.

Step #2: See the Details Page for the Target Video

Select the Details icon while your cursor is over the targeted video in the right section.

Step #3: Enable Comments Click the No, it’s not designed for kids’ option under the Audience area in the right pane of the Video page displaying. Select your desired privacy setting from the Comment display drop-down box after clicking SHOW MORE, scrolling down towards the Comments and rankings section. Press Save through the upper corner to save the changes.

Information about the Comments and the Choices

When you enable comments on a Channel on YouTube together with their significance, four alternatives become available:

  • Accept all remarks

No of how offensive or undesirable the text is, YouTube will let anyone post any sort of comment if you select this option.

  • Save potentially inappropriate comments for evaluation.

Only all user comments will be accepted if YouTube believes the content is suitable and fails to contain any offensive language. The comment won’t be published if YouTube detects problematic content, such spam or slang, unless you manually review and approve it.

  • Hold all remarks pending review.

By selecting this feature, all public comments will be gathered and kept for manual evaluation before being approved or rejected.

  • Turn off comments

No one is allowed to leave any kind of comment on the video(s) when this choice is made.


It’s an easy task to turn on or off the YouTube comment section as per your need. The nicest part is that you can easily turn off the comments by setting the videos or even the channel as “Designed for kids” if you don’t need them. The comments are turned on by default. Any comments that have already been made will be immediately removed if users activate comments on such a video and subsequently disable them. The comments appear after the video’s comments feature is turned back on.

The user involvement with the videos determines how they are ranked on YouTube. In addition to the like and share buttons, the comment section is another place where viewers can connect directly with videos. So, the more and more comments you receive, the greater your chance of Youtube channel growth.

If the YouTube comments feature is disabled. You can’t enable comments on YouTube videos for two main reasons. One is “designed for kids”-related video content. The second is incorrect channel settings.

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